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Health Vocab Ch. 21


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drug misuse
improper use of drugs
legal drugs that help the body fight injury
over the counter drugs
may be purchased legally in pharmacies and other stores that sell medicines without a prescription
prescription drugs
must be obtained through a written prescription from a physician and can be purchased only at a pharmacy
drug abuse
occurs when people intentionally misuse any kind of drug for non-medical purposes
psychoactive drugs
chemicals that affect the activity of brain cells to alter perception, thought, and mood, and possibly to create illusions in the mind of the user
drug's action
what a drug does to your body
drug's effect
what you feel or the physical and mental response to the drug’s actions
side effects
unwanted, even dangerous, physical and mental effects caused by a drug, such as nausea, dizziness, or drowsiness
a serious reaction to an excessive amount of a drug
antagonistic interaction
occurs when each drug’s effect is canceled out by the other or the action of each drug is reduced
synergistic interaction
when drugs interact to produce effects greater than those that each drug would produce alone
psychoactive drugs that slow brain and body reactions
a type of sedative-hypnotic, or depressants that relax a person and induce sleep
AKA anti-anxiety drugs; slow nerve activity, relax muscle tension, lower alertness, and cause drowsiness
any depressant drug mad from or chemically similar to opium
a drug obtained from the seed pod of a poppy plant
natural narcotic compounds contained in opium
a narcotic made from morphine in a laboratory that is usually injected
drugs that speed up activities of the central nervous system
a powerful prescription drug that is made artificially and produces feelings of well being and high energy
a powerful but short-acting stimulant that affects the central nervous system
AKA ‘rock’; the most potent form of cocaine
psychoactive drugs that alter perception, thought, and mood
lysergic acid diethlamide; the strongest known hallucinogen
the psychoactive component of the peyote cactus
another hallucinogen that is obtained from certain South American mushrooms
phencyclidine; another psychoactive drug that can act as a stimulant, a depressant, or a hallucinogen
illegal psychoactive drug obtained from the hemp plant
another illegal drug that comes from the hemp plant
drugs that are inhaled, or breathed in through the nose, to produce a desired effect
anabolic steroids
synthetic drugs that resemble the male hormone testosterone
controlled substances
substances whose manufacture, possession, or sale is controlled by law
designer drugs
a new chemical substance that has been designed to be chemically similar to a controlled substance
look alike drugs
drugs that are sold on the street and made to look like commonly abused drugs
detoxification programs
a type of drug abuse treatment that involves gradual but complete withdrawal from the abused drug
therapeutic community
a residential treatment center where drug abusers live and learn to adjust to drug-free lives
a drug that produces many effects similar to heroin, but does not produce the same ‘high’ that causes heroin addicts to crave the drug

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