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Psych Chapter 17 Test


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Conflict in which a person must choose "the lesser of two evils"
avoidance-avoidance conflict
prsonal belief in one's ability to accomplish goals
self-efficancy expectation
conflict in which several courses of action have advantages and disadvatages
multiple approach-avoidance conflict
reducing stress by changing one's situation in socially acceptable ways
active coping
conflict in which the choice to be made is both good and bad at the same time
approach-avoidance conflict
reducing stress by running away from problems or using self-deception
defensive coping
positive stress that increases motivation and allertness
conflict in which each each of two coices is positive and within reach
approach-approach conflict
behaving opposite to how you really feel
reaction formation
negative stress linked to intense pressure or anxiety
______ are one of the most common stress-related health problems.
__ is any adjustive emand placed on either the mind or body.
Stress weakens the ability of the ______ system to fight certain viruses.
An event or situation that cuases stress is called a ________

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