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Dental hygienist
professional who provides clinical and educational dental hygiene services to the public
Associate Degree
2 years of college
Bachelor’s Degree
4 years of college
3 weeks to 2 years; indication that worker has met standards determined by some professional organization
an award conferred by a college, university, or other postsecondary educational institution as official recognition for the successful completion of a program of studies
Master’s Degree
6 years of college
Doctorial Degree
8 or more years; highest academic degree conferred by a university on students who have completed at least three years of graduate study beyond the bachelor's and/ or master's degree and who have demonstrated their academic ability in oral and written examinations and through original research presented in the form of a dissertation
General Dentist
a health professional who specializes in caring for the teeth, gums, and other tissues in the mouth
3 weeks to 2 years; permission to practice a particular occupation; awarded by a government agency to persons who have met standard qualifications for that occupation
8 or more years; medical doctor
specialist in the treatment of diseases of the gums
a health professional with special training in nutrition who can offer help with the choice of foods a person eats and drinks; also called a dietitian
a primary eye care provider who diagnoses, manages, and treats disorders of the visual system and eye diseases
dentist who aligns and straightens teeth by using braces, retainers, etc. and who monitors and treats malocclusions
specialist of disease
a method of classifying sick or injured patients according to the severity of their conditions in order to ensure that medical facilities and staff are most effectively utilized
Ph. D.
8 or more years; doctor of philosophy
health care professional who compounds and dispenses medications and other pharmaceutical supplies, using standard physical and chemical procedures to fill written prescriptions issued by physicians
a dentist who specializes in the mechanics of making and fitting artificial appliances for the mouth
registered nurse
list of individuals on an official record, indicating satisfactory completion of standards for some profession
at least 4 years at a specialized college
at least 8 years in college/med. school with at doctoral degree
at least 8 years in college/med. school with at doctoral degree
at least 8 years in college/ med. school with a doctoral degree
**Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

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