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Anatomy 2nd Semester Final Chapter 17 Test


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Hypersecretion of the thyroid gland
Graves Disease
Hyposecretion of growth hormone
Pituitary dwarfism
Hyposecretion of the pancreas
diabetes mellitus
Hyposecretion of the adrenal gland
Addisons disease
Hypersecretion of growth hormone
Hyposecrtion of the thyroid (adult)
Hypersecrtion of the adrenal cortex
Cushing's disease
Hypersecrtion of growth hormone
Hyposecrtion of the thryoid in infants
The Master Gland, produces hormones that stimulate other endocrine glands
Gland that controls fight, fright, or flight
Adrenal Medulla
Produces hormones that regulate glucose leves
Produces a hormone that controls blood levels of calcium and potassium by their removal from bone tissue
Produces the bodys major metabolic hormones
Gluconeogenesis occurs in the liver due to the action of..
Normal development of the immune response is due in part to hormones produced by the
Thymus gland
All of the protein or amino-acid based hormones exert their effects through intracellular..
second messengers
Chemical substances that regulate the metabolic function of other cells in the body are called
Endocrine glands have three different mechanicsms to stimulate themselves; list them
Humoral, hormonal, neural
Tropic hormones...
include ACTH and TSH
Growh hormone promotes..
long bone growth during the formative years
Oxytocin release is an example of..
positive feedback control mechanism
Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) is inhibited by..
The ability of a specific tissue or organ to respond to the prescence of a hormone is dependant on the prescence of
the appropriate receptors on the cells of the trager tissue or organ
Insulin is synthesized by the beta cells of the pancreas, this hormone is release when
the bodys glucose levels rise
Steroid hormones exert their action by
Enetering the nucleus of a cell and initiating or alterting the expression of a gene
When fight or flight is necessary, a hormone that is released dring the alarm phase of the general adaptation system is
One of th least complicated of the endocrine control systems directly repsonds to changing blood levels of ions and nutrients. What describes this mechanism?
Humoral Stimulation
Adenohypophysis is reggered to as the master endocrine gland, why?
produces regulate the release of hormones by other endocrine glands
Major targets of GH
bones and skeletal muslce
Parathryoid maintains blood calcium, this is accomplised through targeting..
the bone and activating osteoclasts so that calcium is released
Which organ is reponsible for synthesizing ANP
The heart
Mineralocorticoid is to aldosterone as gluccocorticoid is to
What is associated with the action of steroids on cells?
A hormone-recepter complex interatction directly with the cells dna
ACTH is secreted by the
posterior pituitary
Aldosterone functions to...
increase sodium resorption
What organ has no hormone production
A man isnt synthesizing enough FSH and may be unable to father a child, why?
FSH stimulates sperm production in testes
Gluccocorticoids enable the body to deal with stress by increasing
blood glucose, fatty acid, and amino acid levels and enhancing blood pressure
___are hormones synthesized from cholesterol
Alpha islet cells produce
As a result of stress, the adenohypohysis releases
adrenocortiotropic hrmone
Intestnal gastrin does or does no stimulate the stomach to digest it's contents?
Does NOT
What is released by the kidneys as a result of hypoxia?
The posterior pituituary stores hormones for later released that are produced by the
Vitamin D is an activated form of a hormone produced by the skin called
TSH causes the relases of what other hormone?
What influences the sex drive of both sexes and helps form sperm in males?

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