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Body Systems Final


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What does the immune sysytem do?
It protects the body from germs and destroys germs if they enter.
What are they componoents of the Immune Sysytem?
The components of the immune sysytem are phagocytes, B&T lymphocytes, anitbodies, and antigens
What is phagocytes role in the immmune system?
Phagocytes destroy anitgens by eating them.
What is the lymphocytes role in the immune system?
The B cells destroy the antigens with antibodies and remeber the anitgens so immunity can be produced faster the second time around. T celss destroy the anitgens and tel other cels what to do.
What is the role of the antibodies in the immune sysytem?
Anitbodies attach to antigens so the T cells know to destroy those celss. There is only one kind of antibody for each anitgen there by indentifying it.
Whta is the purpose of an antigen in the imunne system?
Antigens are germs.
What are the two kinds of immunity?
The The two kinds of immunity are innate, immunity people are born with, and adaptive immunity that ocuurs when we are exposed to antigens.
What sysytems are related to the immune sysytem?
Related systems are the "circulatory, respiratory, nervous and integumentary systems."
What is the role of the endocrine sysytem?
The endocrine sysytem regulates horomones.
What horomones are in the pituitary gland?
The pituitary gland is the heqad gland and the hormones in it are "growth hormone, prolactin, thyrotrpin,corticotropin, FSH, [and], LH[.]"
What hormones are in the hypothalamus gland?
The hormones in the hypothalamus gland are "oxytocin, [and] vasopressin[.]"
What horomones are in the thyroid gland?
The hormones in the the thyroid gland are "thyroxine [and] calcitonin[.]"
Whta hormones are in the adrenal gland?
The hormonnes in the adrenal gland are "adrenaline, [and] epinephrine[.]"
What is the hormone in the pineal gland?
The hormone is the pineal gland melatonin.
What are the hormones in the ovaries?
The hormones in the ovaries are estorgen and progesterone.
What are the hormones in the testicals?
The hormones in the testicals are "testosterone" and "androgens".
What are the hormones in the pancreas?
The hormones in the pancreas are "insulin [and} glucagon[.]"
What systems are related to endocrine sysytem?
The systems that are related to the endocrine system are the nervous system, muscular system, and the circulatory sysytem.
What is the role of the respiratory sysytem?
The respiratory regulates a human gas changing.
What are the components of the respiratory system?
The components of the respiratory systema are the "diaphargm, mouth, nasal passgesx, larynx, trachea, bronchiole, tubes' bronchioles, alveoli, [and] capillaries[.]"
What is the role of the alveoli?
The alveoli are located in the lungs and change the gases. Humans have around 600.
What are the related systems?
The related sysytems are the circulatory system, nervous system, endocrine, and immune systems.
What is the role of the circulatory system?
The circulatory system sends things throught the body.
What are the components of the circulatory system?
The components of the circulatory system and blod heart, and blodd vessels.
What do arteries do?
Arteries take blodd away from the heart.
What do veins do?
veins carry blood to the heart.
What are capillaries?
Capillaries are whwere veins change into arteries.
What does the heart look like?
The heart is a muscle the moves your 5 liters of blodd around your body. It has 4 chamber the left and right atrium, top chambers and the left and right ventricle, lower chambers.
What do white and red blood cells and platets do?
Red blodd cells move O, and whited blodd cels defend the body. Platlets cot wounds.
Whta are the related sysytems?
The related systems are the "respiratory, nervous, endocrine," and "execretory".
What are problems of the circulatory system?
Problems are clotting issues.
What is the role of thr nervous system?
The nervous system is the body's messegner?
What are the components of the neervous system?
The components are the "brain, spinal cord" and "neruons".
Sections of the brain
forebrain= unique info
midbrain=message coorndinator
hinbrain+how people move
There are 100 billion neurons all made od dendrites, bodies of celss, axon.
systems related to the nervous system
"integumentary, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, muscular, skeltal"

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