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AMR Chapter 3 - Aviation Supply


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What does the first position of a Project Code denote?
Type of Activity or Weapons System
What does the second position of a Project Code denote?
Reason Code
What does the third position of a Project Code denote?
What does the B stand for in the project code BK7?
Aircraft Maintenance shops and SE that do not directly impact on Operating A/C readiness
What does the A stand for in the project code AK7?
Aircraft and SE that have a direct impact on Air Operations
What does the K in AK7 stand for?
Unscheduled Maintenance
What does the 0 in AK0 stand for?
Out of Commision or Not Mission Capable (NMCS)
What does the 7 in AK7 stand for?
Capability impacted to to lack of parts or Partial Mission Capable (PMCS)
What does FAD stand for?
Force Activity Designator
How is a FAD assigned?
Based on Military Readiness and urgency of Need
What does UMMIPS stand for?
Uniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System
What do FAD and Urgency of Need determine?
Definitive Part Number
Identifys only one P/N and Cage to an NSN
Nondefinitive Part Number
Cannot be related to an NSN without additional info.
Commercial and Government Entity Code
Master Cross Reference List
What is the MCRL?
Allows you to cross reference part number to NSN or vice versa.
Master Repairable Item List
What pub is the MRIL?
What does the MRIL list?
Navy managed repairables issued for a 1 to 1 swap that are not Remain in Place.
Consolidated Remain in Place Listing
What is the pub number of the CRIPL?
What does the CRIPL list?
Items expempt from turn in until 24 hours after part reciept.
Individual Component Repair List
What does the ICRL list?
IMA repairability by SM&R code.
What is ICRL A?
Shows local repair capability for each item.
What is ICRL C?
Combined ICRL used by ACC's to review repair capability of IMA's under thier command.
What is the form number of an SRC card?
Which ICRL listing lists when you must forward an SRC card?
Scheduled Removal Component Card
ICRL Capability Code A1
Test and Check only
ICRL Capability Code C1
Full Repair and IMA disposition
ICRL Capability Code C3
Limited Repair, Certain repairs, RFI and Test and Check
ICRL Capability Code X1
Repair not authorized by IMA
ICRL Capability Code X2
Lack of authorized equipment/tools/facilities.
ICRL Capability Code X3
Lack of Required Technical Skills
ICRL Capability Code X6
Lack of Technical Data
ICRL Capability Code Z1
Comsumable Material
Which ICRL Capability codes must be accompanied by a target capability date?
X2, X3, and X6
Afloat Shipping Guide
What is the ASG?
Publication used to reference P/N and NSN with only a description.
Aviation Consolidated Allowance List
Who develops and publishes AVCAL?
ASO (Aviation Supply Office)
What is AVCAL Used for?
Lists items/Quantities authorized to be stocked by carriers to support maintenance/OPS of embarked A/C
How is the AVCAL tailored for a Carrier?
Based on ARR's and AL's for each type A/C, and quantity based on the Carriers demand records.
How many basic parts does the AVCAL contain?
7 Basic Parts
What is AVCAL Part I?
What is AVCAL Part II?
ARR Gross item list
What is AVCAL Part III?
AVCAL Net List
What is AVCAL Part IV?
Part Number to NSN Cross Reference
What is AVCAL Part V?
What is AVCAL Part VI?
Excess Material List
What is AVCAL Part VII?
Stock Rotatble List
Coded National Stock Number
How many digits is an NSN?
In the NSN 7RHF 1560-00-123-4567-BA, What is the Cognizance symbol?
In the NSN 7RHF 1560-00-123-4567-BA, What is the Material Control Code?
In the NSN 7RHF 1560-00-123-4567-BA, Which is the Material Condition Code?
In the NSN 7RHF 1560-00-123-4567-BA, Which is the Special Material Identification Code (SMIC)?
In the NSN 7RHF 1560-00-123-4567-BA, Which is the National Codification Bureau Number?
In the NSN 7RHF 1560-00-123-4567-BA, Which is the NIIN?
National Item Identification Number
What is the Cognizance Symbol in an NSN?
2 Character prefix that shows command/office/agency/navy inventory manager that controls that catagory of material.
What is the Material Control Code in an NSN?
Divides inventories into segments that shows similar demand/repairability
What are Material Condition Codes in an NSN?
Classifies material in terms of RFI and Use.
What letters are given to the Navy for Material condition Codes in an NSN?
A through S minus I and O
What is an SMIC in an NSN?
2 digit Suffix, used by ASO to identify type A/C, model, engine, special projects/programs.
Aircraft Maintenance Material Readiness List
What is the objective of the AMMRL?
document data and in-use asset information concerning Support Equipment
What is the AMMRL used for?
Setting allowance requirements for SE at I/O/D levels, standardized accounting and inventory control, base for budgeting, measuring material readiness
What is the instructions for AMMRL allowance and inventory control concerning IMRL?
What is the instruction for AMMRL allowance and inventory control concerning Tailored Outfitting Listing?
Support Equipment Resource Management Information System
What does SERMIS provide to SECA's?
Online source of source, allowance, inventory, and rework data to aid in inventory control.
Who is overall responsible for SERMIS program management?
What are NAVAIRSYSCOM's resposibilities to the AMMRL program?
Overall program management/control/authority
What are NAVAIRENGCEN's responsibilities to the AMMRL program?
Approval/disapproval of all SERMIS revisions of SE by avaiation activities for engineering/funding investigations. Forwards approved revisions to ASO to update SERMIS.
What are ASO's responsibilities to the AMMRL program?
Maintain SERMIS file, Application guide, enter technical and non technical revisions, maintain consolidated accountable SE in-use inventory file
Naval Aviation Maintenance Office
Who forwards quarterly in-use reports to ASO?
Who manages the AMMRL program for a geographical area?
Support equpment Controlling Authorities
Who are the SECA's?

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