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7th grade Texas History


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What problem did the new republic of Texas have with Mexico?
The Mexican Government refused to recognise Texas' independence and are still at war. Mexico considered Texas a rebelled part of Mexico.
For what was Lamar's presidency best known?
His contributions to public education. He was known as the father of public education.
Who was Anson Jones?
Secretary of State under Sam Houston in 1841 and president of the republic when annexed to the US.
What is manifest destiny?
Belief that expansion of the US to the Pacific Ocean was sure to happen.
What tensions led to the conflict between Mexico and the US?
Manifest Destiny and the conflict over Southern border between US and Mexico (Nueces and Rio Grande)
What was the Mexican Session? Give details
Mexico agreed that TX was part of the US and Mexico surrendered land between TX and the Pacific Ocean.
What were the wedges of seperation that divided the North and South?
A number of issues - Difference from North and South. The biggest two were Slavery and states rights.
In the 1840's and 1850's, why did immigrant move from foreign countries to TX?
Cheap land, sense of adventure, political freedom and to escape problems in homeland.
What is a cash crop? What was Tx's main cash crop?
A crop sold for money. Cotton.
Why did most Texans support the institution of slavery?
slavery was needed to support the economy in the South. Many Texans came from places where slavery was legal.
Understand the different economies of the North and South during the late 1800's.
North: factories and more urban, South: agricultural and rural.
What issues divided the north and south and eventually led the civil war?
Slavery and states rights.
During the civil war, where was most of the fighting in Texas concentrated and why?
On the gulf coast to keep ports open.
How did the civil war affect Texas' economy?
Goods were scarce, blockades prevented goods entering leaving Texas.
What were southerners required to do during reconstruction? Give details.
Grant citizenship to freedmen and get rid of slavery.
What was the freedmans bureau?
helped freedmen face challenges from freedom, made schools, gave food, shelter and job training.
Understand the balance of slave vs free states. Why did Northerners not want Texas admitted to the union?
Equal number of slave states vs free states. Because Texas didn't want to approve the 14th ammendment.
How were African Americans helped by the radical republicans reconstruction plan?
the radical republicans took a firmer stand.
In the late 1800's, where did most hostile Native Americans live in Texas? Along which trail would you have seen most of these hostile Native Americans?
Panhandle, border of the Red River to the Rio Grande. Goodnight Loving Trail.
Who were the Buffalo Soldiers, what was their role on the frontier?
African American fighters on the frontier; to guard the forts and protect settlers.
What did Chief Santanta predict would happen to native americans.
Indian life, as they knew it, would end.
Describe the origins of the TX cattle industry
What marked the beginning of the oil boom in Texas?
The spindle top gusher
Why did the US enter WWII
Pearl Harbor
Who were Columbus Joiner, Pattillo Higgins and Anthony Lucas?
Columbus Joiner - He made one of the richest oil discoveries in history on Daisy Bradfords farm.; Patillo Higgins - the owner of spindle top hill, and the person that belived oil was there.: Anthony Lucas - The engineer who struck oil on spindle top.
What was prohibition
A national movement to ban the manufacturing, sale, transportation and use of alcoholic beverages.
Describe womens political involvement before 1919; What was the 19th ammendment?
To abolish child labor and vote; Womens rights to vote
Who was James Stephan Hogg? What did he do?
A succesfull printer and lawyer, led the fight for reform. Populist party and railroad commission.
Describe the dust bowl
A terrible drought that destroyed most crops and ended some lives. Caused by overplowing. Lasted from 1930's to 1940's.
Who is Dwight D. Eisenhower.
A general in WWI, Texan and president of the US.
What was the Robin Hood plan?
A plan to fund poorer schools by taking money from the richer schools.
Explain the concept of seperation of powers. What are the three branches of government and what is the system of checks and balances?
The 3 branches of government; legislative, executive and judicial. All 3 branches keep the others balanced. Each branch has same amount of power.
What is the Texas bill of rights?
Part of the US and Texas constitutions that establishes power: The individual rights of freedom, press, religion and assembly
define: Abolitionist
A person who wants to end slavery.
define: Annexation
The act of adding or joining a territory to an existing one.
define: Cession
The transfer of land from one country to another.
define: freedman
a person who has been freed from slavery.
define: Segreate
to seperate people according to their race.
define: secede
To withdraw formally
define: wildcatter
a person who drills wells hoping to find oil in areas not known to be oil fields.

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