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Ag. Final Exam


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What is the process of giving birth in dogs called?
How often should the hair coat of a dog be treated?
What is the darker area close to the toe nail in a dog called?
nail bed
When should puppies be vaccinated for rabies?
12 weeks
What ingredient is more important in puppies then in older dogs?
How old are puppies when they begin to walk?
2 weeks
What are the external parasites of dogs?
fleas, mites, ticks, mange, ringworm
Most mature dogs must be fed how many times a day?
What are the sanitation practices that must be performed for kenneled dogs?
remove bodily waste, provide clean beddding, clean living area regularly with soap and disinfectant
What are the qualities you should look for when selecting a dog?
mixed or purebred, space requirements, hair length, gender
What is an indication of mites in a dogs ear?
grainy, gray deposits
What environment temperature does a puppy need in its first days of life?
85 degrees F
When do female dogs of large breed come into heat?
8 - 18 months
About how many bones do dogs have in their bodies?
If a dog eats flesh or meat, it is categorized as what?
If a dog has one stomach, then it is what?
What type of food keeps a dog's teeth healthy?
crunchy dry food
How long after breeding do female dogs have their puppies?
63 - 67 days
How many puppies can one dog have in its litter?
10 puppies
Why do cats have claws?
climbing, protection, catching prey
What is the scientific name for the cat?
felis catus
What is the gestation period for cats?
60 - 65 days
With in how many hours should a newborn kitten be nursed?
1 hour
What are the diseases that kitten should be vaccinated against?
Feline Infectios Enteritis, Feline Respitory Disease, Rabies, Feline Leukemia, Feline Infectious Peritonitis
What are the 5 sensory systems in a cat?
nose, paws, smell, taste organs, ears, eyes
What should be done while grooming a cat?
combing, brushing, trimming nails, cleaning the eyes/ears/teeth/gums
What are signs of heat in cats?
growling, chewing, mauling, calling for males
What are the items a new cat owner should buy for an indoor cat?
pet carrier, bed, litter pan, scratching post, toys
When are kittens able to start eating solid food?
3 weeks
During weaning, what should happen to a queen's food?
it should be limited
What are the considerations when choosing a cat?
gender, age, purebreed or mix
Why shouldn't cats be fed dog food?
not enough protein
How many bones do cats have in their body?
250 bones
How many muscles are in a cats body?
500 muscles
What are cats classified as because of their instinct to eat meat?
What is the ancient animal that cats and dogs descended from?
How do male non-neutered cats mark their territory?
by urinating
What can be added to cat little to control odor?
baking soda
A box-like enclosure that keeps birds captive
An animal that spends part of its life in water and part on land
A young bird that has left its nest, but has not learned how to fly
A mammal with two large teeth designed for gnawing
A modified hollow hair that is stiff and has a point
An animal with feathers
Animals that are asleep during the night and awake during the day
Animals that are asleep during the day and awake during the night
The practice of raising birds in captivity
Non-dried vegetables with juice still present used as birdfood
green food
Animals that live alone
A cage designed for rabbits
A house-like enclosure used for birdkeeping
Finely ground abrasive material needed in the gizzard of birds
An ectothermic animal with dry, scaly skin and lungs
A goal that takes a long time to complete, more than 5 years
Long term
Something you want to reach
A goal that represents self-improvement
Personal Goal
A goal that can be achieved in no more than 4 years
short term
A goal that represents self-improvement success in your job or group activity
professional goal
A goal that represents improvement in relations to other people
Ranking goals by importance
Goal that falls between short and long term
intermediate goal
What are tiny aquatic animals that provide food source for larger aquatic creatures?
What is water with little or no salt content?
Mixture of fresh and salt water
brackish water
What is a group of aquatic vertebrates?
What is an aquatic species with an exoskeleton, segmented body, and jointed legs?
An aquatic species with a thick, hard shell
An aquatic species with a hinged shell
bivalve mollusk
What is oxygen that is available for living organisms in water?
dissolved oxygen
Where are eggs artificially incubated and hatched?
How does health affect behavior?
loss of appetite, dull coat, etc.
How many bacteria can be around at one time?
How many species of bacteria exhist?
A harmful substance that is secreted by disease feeding on cells
<i>Clostridium Tetani</i> is also known as _________

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