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Biomedical Science Final


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What is true about HIV?
It is the acronym for Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
What sign(s)/symptom(s) are seen in HIV infected individuals?
Usually none, night sweats, fatigue, oral problems, vaginal infections, fever, skin rash, diarrehea, swollen glands, weight loss, adenopathy
For a person to be diagnosed with AIDS, what must be true?
confirmed HIV/AIDS, 200 or less T-Cell count, imunocompromised status, prescence of oppurtunistic infection or AIDS
Describe the Clinical Syndrom of HIV.
Pneumocytosis Carini Pnemonia (PCP)/Cytomegalovirus/Herpes, Malignancies/Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS)/Lymphoma, Neurological Deficits/Dementia (memory loss)
How is HIV spread?
HIV is spread when infected bodily fluids are introduced directly into the blood stream of an uninfected person.
List exanples of modes of transmission of the HIV virus.
sexual (oral, vaginal, anal), sharing IV equipment, perinatal
What is the risk of HIV transmission dependent on?
concentration of infected fluid, quantity of fluid, access of infected fluid to T4 cells
Which fluids demonstrates a high risk of transmission of HIV virus?
semen, blood, vaginal secretion, pre-ejaculation, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), menstral fluid
Which bodily secretions contain a low concentration of HIV?
tears, snot, urine, saliva
What is the most effective way to prevent contracting the HIV virus?
What would be considered an alternative to risky behaviours?
holding hands, hugging, outercourse, masturbation, cuddling
What would Ms. Singh recommend as the least effective way to reduce risk?
universal precautions (all bodily fluids are treated as if they are infectious), safer sex, barrier methods (condoms, latex glove), spermicides/microbicides, avoidance of alcohol or drug use, negotiation and communicate, resisting peer pressure
When purchasing condoms to use as a barrier method, what would you most likely consider?
latex or polyrethane, expiration date, lot number, air pockets, lubricant
What is considered the window perios for HIV?
the time between infection and testing positive for HIV
Why is it important to get tested?
increases access to medical care, protect others, protect infected person from diseases
How is HIV treated? Can it be cured at this time?
medications, rehab/ no cure or vaccinations
Can you get HIV if you:
- stand up during sex?
- have sex during a woman's period?
- have sex with a virgin?
- do not have an orgasm?
- pull out?
Is AIDS considered a disability under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)?
Is it a liability for knowingly transmitting HIV?
What are some reasons why people make the food choices they do?
personal preferance, habit, ethnic heritage, social interaction, availability, emotional comfort
What unit is energy measured in?
kilacalories of energy
1 calorie = _____ kcal
1 g of carb. = _____ kcal of energy
1 g of fat = _____ kcal of energy
1 g of protein = _____ kcal of energy

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