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Doubt about the Route


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what is the key thought in this chapter?
respectful appeal can prevent conflict
a respectful request you make to others if you want them to consider your thoughts, feelings, or needs when they are making a decision
the "head" of an appeal
an "I message"
the "tail" of an appeal
a question
what are the four parts of a STAR appeal?
when you STOP in a respectful appeal what are you doing?
stopping yourself from choosing to say or do something that will cause coflict.
when you THINK in a respectful appeal you, what?
think about why you want to appeal and about what words to use
when you APPEAL or ASK in a respectful appeal you, what?
use "I message" and questions, communicating your appeal in a respectful way.
when you RESPOND in a respectful appeal you, what?
be prepared to respond respectfully whether the other person anwsers yes or no.
you make an appeal in 5 different situations, what are they?
-when you make an unwise promise
-when you have information that others don't
-when you are wrongly accused
-when there is something you would especially like
-when you think that someone is going to do something hurtful
a ---------- appeal can
------- conflict
if you speak
------------, most people will be willing to listen to you.
don't ------ or ------ when you are wrongly accused
if you express --------- in a respectful way peaple are more likely to listen to you
everyone has ----- and
communicate -----------
respectfully and resist
---------- to ---- or argure when you don't get your way

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