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Roman Literature Final Exam


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- short, punchy
- greek word meaning, "longing"
- themes: sad, desire, longing, mourning, loss of youth, innocence
- ex-slaves
- could even be rich
- Trimalchio and his feast
- 70 BCE - 19
- Writer of epic Aeneid
- Writer of Eclogues
praise rural life, reject urban life
- Writer of Georgics
"farming stuff" praising farming
- Work by Tacitus
- ethnography
- talks very dark about Germany
trees, swampy
- Latin term meaning "The Germany"
Milesian tale
- breif erotic/picaresque tale of romanitc adventure
- episodes in Satyricon and the Golden Ass
- C. 4BC - 85 AD
- senator
- well-known writer
- Nero's mentor/tutor (he was only 16 years old when he was emperor)
- from Spain, represents Romanization
- has to commit suicide, caught up in conspiracy against Nero when he went crazy
- appropriate voice of Flavian era
- Latin term meaning "liberty"
- freedom of speech and thought
- relates to the Senate
- during Caesar's dictationship, Cicero says we need this
- C. 142-170
- Author The Golden Ass
- writes about the lower social class
- from Madura
- writing during "the good years"
- writes Germania
- nothing is as it seems with him
- Agricola - about Father-in-law (early work)
- Annals (later work)
- The 12 Caesars
- From N. Africa (represents romanization)
- biographer
- born after people he writes about
- in charge of imperial archives
writing a known social pheomenon w. humurous/critical edudge
- everyone is in love with him/wants him
- young boy
- from Satyricon
- one of 3 on teh move, Encolpius and Asyltus beacuse they're in trouble with Priapus
- d. 8 BC
- Etruscan (considers himself Roman)
- Important character in Augustus' Circle
- talks and knows people behind scenes
- discovers talent for literary circle (Vergil, Horace)
- "popular" literature
- new genre of literature
- boy meets girl - get separated - have adventures but still manage to stay faithful - find each other
- Jason and the Argonauts
- An Alexandrian epic
- author Apollonuius of Rhodes
- pardoy on Gods, give Gods humanizing quality
- tried to reinvent the epic
- master was Callimachus
- Petronius
- Genre Bender, so many different genres in one
- Encolpus, giton and ascyltus on the move b/c in trouble with priapus
- Pirapus - not the most normal god, god of fertility (god of viagra)
- Trimalchio's Feast - everythign abuot feast was over the top
- aka The Golden Ass
- Apuleius ad. 125 - 180
- romanization
- telling a Milesian tale, just much larger
- ring comopsition, small stories that lead back to main mov't of story
- traveler lucius is ransformed into an ass after using a witche's ointment, his adventures as an ass
- Morals - curisosity killed the cat, hooking up has bad consequences
- greek word meaning mask
Praetorian Guard
- emperor's guards stsationed to protect Italy
- they become an important political figure
- the problem: whoever commands loyality of guard control's Rome
- just part of political scene
- important province in Roman Empire
- breadbasket for Rome
- culturally: influence of Isis cult
- story in the middle of the Golden Ass w. Cupid
- the most beautiful mortal female anyone has every seen
- Romans are constantly reinventing what it is to be "Roman" - they are open to other cultures and people from all over the world become Roman citizens
- real patron of the arts
- mentality: "yeah, I'm the emperor - what are you gonna do about it?"
- his last words "what a great artist I am dying"
- highly competitive
- larger type of literature
- Germania - talks about a group of people
- decurion, member of local senate lives here
- a town that has a special status w. Roman Gov't
- you can be a Roman citizen if you live here
- latin word meaning "offically recognized town"
- Trimalchio's feast took place here
- Tacitus works as a historian
- supernatural world, not in everyday life, somewwhere big
- hero
- extraordinary experiences
- hero goes on a quest
- extraordinary language
- organic : start off as a story which grows, passed down
- artificual - "literary", composing, not oral, sit down adn write it all out (Aenied)
- written in dadtlic hexameter
- Roman examples, Vergil's The Aeneid, Lucretius' On the nature of Things, Apuleius' The Golden Ass
- Queen of Carthage
- falls in love with Aeneas
- vows to never marry again but marries aeneas
- commits suicide because of shame
- return of old Republic
- Senate is in charge
- ca. 60 - 127
- the pissed off poet
- master of satire
- rhetor/ teacher of rhetoric
- 16 satires divided into 5 books "Satires"
"There are so many Romans not being Roman"
- sets up a very vivid picture of Roman society itself
- has many strong views of how Romans should live
- part of literary circle
- historia
- ethos - I want you to know what this person was like
- Typical topics: family history, birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, god traits, bad traits, death, summation
- piety - respecctful of God, religious
- being dutiful, doing what you are expected to do rather than your desire
- do what you are meant to do
- Aeneas
Julio - Claudians
- A.D. 14-68
- Literature and autocracy
- a member of a municipal senate in anciet Rome who ran local gov't - see municipium
- goddess of fertility
- worshiped in Golden Ass
- cult worshiping her
- Aeneid - Turnus is in combat with Aeneas
- gives up and gets down on his knees and begs for mercy
- a real hero would let him go
- wearing Pallus' warbelt - realizes that he was the one to kill him - filled with rage kills him
- the good guy murders a helpless foe
- leaves reader wanting more
- wnated to be called dominus et deus... master, god - they don't like this
- 81-96
- (Octavian)
- first rate political mind
- wnats to create political system / keep himself alive
- changed name because he restored res publica

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