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Behavioral Sciences-QBank-051706


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Narcissistic PD (personality Disorder)
Grandiose. Better than everyone.
Borderline PD
Splitting (All good or ALL bad)
Flambyoant, flirtatious
Emotionally cold and distant. Do well on their own. But may have difficulty in even the basic social encounters.
False Negative
A diseased person with a normal test (Test-).

If a certain action (such as lowering the BGlc cutoff from 140 to 126 in diabetic screening), Increases the senstivity, it automatically
LOWERS the False Negative rate. (THINK of this in the regular 2x2 box. If a goes up, c has to come down).

Inc sensitivity does Increase the NPV (likelihood that a health person with a normal test is truly negative).
Axis I = Mood disorders

Axis II - Personality disorders

The diagnosis of Axis II (PDs) is deferred until the pt's primary Axis I disorder is stabilized.
Sensitive Indicator of recent alcohol abuse?
Serum gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase level.
Dependent PD
Look for reliance on others, subordination of their own needs and fear of abandonment.
Best Interest Standard (en locum parentis)
Refers to the doctor's capacity to rendeer decisions as a parent in these specified cirumstances:
1) Parents/guardians not available
2) Parents/guardian seek to deny the child life-or limb-saving care
Inability to recognize faces. eg. Happens to stroke pts.

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