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English Literature I Terms (2nd Semester)


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Conservative Party; Supported crown and Anglican Church. Preffered interests of landed gentry to those of the newly wealthy
Progressive Party; wanted religious toleration and support for commerce
satire or parody that mocks common ideas of heroes, treating it grandiously to point out its triviality
(ex. MacFlecknoe)
satire that mocks another work
(ex. The Rape of the Lock)
variation used with heroic couplets in which 3 rhymed, usually end-stopped lines are used in place of 2
(ex. The Vanity of Human Wishes)
hexameter (6 ft) line/ used as cariation for pentameter in conjunction w/ triplet
(ex. Dryden)
lengthy poem elevated in style and structure w/ elaborate stanzaic structure
(ex. To...Mrs. Anne Killegrew)
Pindaric Ode
English poets adapted from Pindar
Augustan Literature
1700-1760; bold political writings, especially satire
(ex. Gullivers Travels)
didactic poem dealing w/ rural or agricultural topics
blason/blazon or modern hip-hop
tradition of praising a woman's parts
(ex. Vanity of Human Wishes)
Mock Epic
A poem in epic form and manner ludicrously elevating some trivial subject to epic grandeur
(ex. Macflecknoe)
the technique of using one word to yoke two or three more others for ironic or amusing effect (ie. lose her heart, or necklace at the ball)
(ex. Rape of the Lock)
Picaresque novel
eposodic series of narratives tied together by the protagonist rather than a structured narrative leading up to a climax
(ex. Moll Flanders)
Amber Rife quote of the semseter
"Yes indeed, Celia does shit"

-- 4/19/06
Samuel Pepys (2085)
-Pepys Diary
John Dryden (2157)
-Mac Flecknoe
-To the Pious Memory of the Acomplished Young Lady Mrs. Anne Killegrew
Jonothan Swift (2437)
-A description of a City Shower
-The Lady's Dressing Room
-A Modest Proposal
-Gulliver's Travels
John Locke (2660)
-An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Christopher Smart (2680)
-Jubilate Agno
William Cowper (2683)
Samuel Johnson
-Vanity of Human Wishes
-Dictionary of the English Language
Alexander Pope
-An Essay on Criticism
-The Rape of the Lock
Daniel Defoe
-Moll Flanders
devotional composition sung responsively as part of liturgy.
(Jubilate Agno)
liturgical hymn beginning with "My soul doth glorify the Lord" Smart thought of Jubilate Agno as his own version of the Magnificat

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