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Kate's 8th gr. religion questions


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What are the 4 marks of the Church?
One Holy Catholic Apostolic
Define Purgatory
Process of purification from sinfulness
Define ecumenism
Unity of all Christians
Define Hell
State of everlasting seperation from God
What is the communion of saints
The unity and relationship of the members of the church on earth with those in heavaen and purgatory
Which council refuted his heresy and what was the statement of faith called?
Nicea, Nicene Creed
Who was Arius and what did ye teach?
Alexandrian priest; Jesus wasn't the second parson of the Blessed Trinity;
Define Incarnation
god becoming man
What is the birthday of the Church
Name the 12 Apostles
Simon, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James the Great, thaddeus, Simon, Judas Iscariot
Who took the place of Judas Iscariot?
The Apostle of the Gentiles is known as?
Define Apostle
1st folowers of Jesus "sent"
Define Disciple
follower of Jesus
Define mrtyr
One who dies for their faith
Define Martyr
One who dies for their faith; Witness
Define evangelist
gospel Writers
Who are the four evangelistes?
Matt, Mark, Luke, John
What was the first church council?
The council of Jerusalem- dont have to be a Jew to become a Christian
Define confessor
A saint/ priest who is good at hearing confessions (can listen to their soul)
Which Roman Emperor ended the Great Persecutions?
What waas the law Constantine enatted to legalize Christianity?
Edict of Milan
What is the Summa Theologica and who wrote it?
Study fo faith; Saint Thomas Aquinas
What is the Great Eastern Schism and when did it occur?
When Urban VI and Clement the VII died, each was replaced by a bishop who insisted theat he was the real Pope for 40 yre. in 1054
The most significreason we have not reunited is because
The primacy of the Pope
What were the Dark Ages?
The period from the sixth century to the tenth century when the bubonic plague hit Europe
During this time period, how did European learning and culture survive?
What were the Crusedes?
Holy wars to gain beck the Holy Land; all were complete Failures
Who is the father of the Pretestant Reformation?
Martin Luther
What is the Predestant Refromation?
T he day Martin Luther posted his 95 thesison the Church door in Wittenberg = protesting abuses especially the abuse of Indulgences
What are the first 3 commandments?
Dont have strange gods before God
Dont take the Lords name in vein
Keep holy the Lords Day
What are the 4th, 5th, and 6th commandments
Honor you rfather and mother
You shall not kill
You shall not comit adultrey
What are the 7th, and 8th commandments?
You shall not stea
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor
What are the 9th and 10th commandments?
You shall not covet you r neighbors wife
You shall not covet your neighbors goods
Which days are Catholics required to fast and absdtain from meat?
Ash Wednesday, good Friday
What is the basic principle of human dignity
preserve life
What are the THEOLOGICAL virtues?
Faith, Hope, and Love/charity
What ore the CARDINAL/MORAL Virtues?
Temprance, Fortitude, Prudence, Justice
What is the Greatest Commandment?
Love your neighbor as yourself
When does life begin?
The luturgical season starts with
the 1st Sunday in Advent
The liturgical season ends with
the feast of Christ the King
Which is the first and the cheif sacrament of forgiveness?
Define grace
Sharing in the life and love of God

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