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what is in the gumbo
onion, gralic and ruj
what is in the scallop and artichoke chowder
potato, leeks, fennal, cream onions, bacon which can be left out
Why is the scallop artichoke chowder green
because of the parsley and artichokes
What is in the house salad
field greens, pear tomatoes, poached leeks (poached in water and salt), orange croutons and red grape tarragon viaigrette (pureed grapes)
Describe the grilled asparagus
wrapped with serano ham, blue cheese, pickled onions, crisped brik (rice paper) and madeira reduction
what is serrano ham
cure, smoked, made in spain
wat is madeira reduction
reduced madeira wine, like sherry
What sauce is on the andouille sausage and crawdad beignets
remoulade (creole cocktail sauce made with horsheradish. It is a chunky sauce)
what are crawdad beignets
new orleans fried donuts stuffed with crawfish
What is in the andouille sausage
pork, potatoes, onions and it is smoked
what come with the crabcake appetizer
red bell pepper and chipolte coulis and watercress salad
what is chipolte
smoked jalepeno
what comes with the crispy noodle prawns
cilantro mint puree and thai yellow curry
what temp do the charred beef rice paper rolls come
MR, served cold
what do the charred beef rice paper rolls come with
avocado and a cashew dipping sauce. they cashews can not be left out
what does the grilled faltiron steak come with
crisp potato, squash and herb butter
describe the cut of the grilled flatiron steak
8 oz steak from the top blade, marbeled like a ribeye
what does the roasted tender come with
smooth avocado, ruby grapefruit pico de gallo, and blue corn-pepita bisquit
describe the cut of the chick tender
10 oz from the chuck area, very tender, similar to a tenderloin
what steak comes with the steak frites
flatiron steak
What coems with the hanger steak and shrimp mojo
grilled shrimo, spicy mojo, pinto beans, and squash
describe the cut of the hanger steak
10 oz steak similar to sirloin, very lean and full of flavor
What comes with the peppered new york strip steak
roast garlic whipped potatoes, wilted arugula and pecan butter
describe the cut of the new york strip steak
10 oz aged center cut
What temp does the smoked pork tenderloin come
What comes with the smoked pork tenderloin
griddled white cheddar grits, pea shoot slaw, and espresso demi
what is demi
veal stock
what are the grits
ground homony and corn, like cake and sauteed
What coems with the muscovy duck breast
roasted fingerlings, pea shoots and plum ginger jam
What temp does the duck come
What is muscovy duck
type of high end duck
What comes with the chicken breast picatta
whipped potatoes, asparagus, and lemon caper white wine sauce
what comes with the achiote roasted chicken
potato tortilla gratin and epazote-lime pan gravy
What is achiote
dry red paste. anato seed, garlic past and vinegar
what kind of cheese is in the gratin
vermont white cheddar
what is epazote
mexican herb, like oregano
what comes with the salmon fillet
edmame cake, green tea citrus emulsion, grated daikon, and salmon caviar
what is daikon
spicy root like radish
how many oz is the salmon
what comes with the pan roasted halibut
fresh papperdelle pasta, artichokes, fava beans, carred peppers, almond pesto and smoked tomato broth
what are fava beans
like butter beans
what comes with the sauteed maryland crabcakes entree
whipped potatoes, red bell pepper ad shipolte coulis and watercress salad
What comes with the chiken rigatoni
fava beans, fennel, tomato, eggplant, and fontina
what is rigationi
what is fontina
danish cheese, white and sharp
ricotta and arugula raviolis
olives, pecorino, and red bell pepper sauce

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