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PSS 10: Final


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What is an obligate parasite?
Organism that can only survive on the living host
What is the definition of bacteria?
one-celled organisms that enter through wounds and cause rot
What is the definition of fungi?
-multi-celled organisms that either are saprophytes or parasites (such as molds and mildew)
-cause decay of plants
What are two synthetic fungicides?
What are nematodes?
-unsegmented worms that feed on roots and create wounds for bacteria and fungi to enter
How does damage occur to plants?
-direct feeding
-secretion of toxic substances
-secondary organism enters the wound
What are three common myths about veggies grown at home?
-cheaper than in grocery
-more nutritious
-less pesticides
What are 4 characteristics of a good lawn?
-wear tolerant
What are 4 different types of grasses?
-kentucky bluegrass
-creeping red fescue
-perennial ryegrass
What is a good grass mix?
How does this change for shade?
-40-70% bluegrass, 30-60% fescue, 10-20 ryegrass
-increase fescue for shade
-increase bluegrass for sun
What two grasses are drought tolerant?
How about wet tolerant?
-kentucky bluegrass
-creeping red fescue
+perennial ryegrass
Which grass is used on golf courses?
How do you make a lawn?
-prep soil
How do you prep soil for lawn making?
-grade subsoil to level it
-add topsoil (sandy-loam) if needed
-perform soil test
-fix if needed (typically lime added)
How do you lay seed?
-April-May or mid August-October
-sow in 2 directions
-2-4 lbs seed/1000 sq. feet
-reake seeds into soil surface lightly
-mulch with straw (not hay!)
-water BID for 2 weeks
How do you lay sod?
-same time as seeds
-use sod immediately
-roll or tamp into place
-water SID for 2 weeks using deep soaking
What is the limit for fertilizer?
What is a good ratio?
-never more than 2 lbs N/1000 sq
-3-2-2 or 2-1-1
What are some common weeds in turf?
-white clover
How far out do roots of trees generally grow?
-one-two times the height of the trees
Why should you compost?
-saves money
-increases tilth
-adds macro and micro nutrients
-increases CEC and acts as pH buffer
-provides energy source for soil microbes and earthworms
-used as a mulch, it can keep down weeds
When should a compost be turned in terms of temperature?
-if it reaches 150 degrees
What materials in composting have high C materials?
How about N?
-straw, hay, corn stalks, paper wastes
-manures, greens, food wastes
What is the soil to water ratio for taking your own soil pH?
For insect control, what is roguing?
-removal from the garden of diseased or insect infested plants
What is pruning for insects?
-removing diseased parts of plant only
What is sanitation of parasites?
-burning diseased plant residues
What is exclusion of insects?
-screen over windows/plants
What is hot-water seed treatment?
-controlling fungi on surgace of dry seeds

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