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Journalism History and Biographies


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Near v. Minnesota
Tried to print names of Prohibition breakers but SC said no. Established the idea that the Fed Gov't can practice prior restraint when it comes to troop movements and the like.
Roth V. United States
Ruled that obscenity is not protected by the First amendment. Established ROth test for obscenity
Miller v. California
Miller sold pornography through mail and was suppressed because the material appealed to prurient interest and has lit, art, sci, value
Gertz v. Robert Welch
Established principle that opinions aren't libelous and a public figure is different from private in libel suit
Herbert v. Lando
Public figures can use the discovery process; witnesses and sources, to prove libel
Masson v. New Yorker
Psychanalyst's words were misquoted in article but was not considered libelous.
Bartnicki v. Vopper
Radio station got recorded comments of public officials and broadcast it, SC rules they have a right to broadcast it because it benefitted the public.
Sheppard v. Maxwell
Man convicted of killing his wife was released on a biased jury claim. The MEdia announced the Dr.'s guilt before the trial.
Golden Mean-Aristotle
Moral virtue lies between two extremes. Fairnes = compromise + moderation
Kant's Categorical Imperative
Act and make decisions based on universally applicable principles. "What is everyone did this?"
Mill's Utility
Best decision is the biggest overall benefit for all.
Rawl's Veil of Ignorance
Everyone works from sense of liberty and respect for everyone.
Love~treat and care for everyone equally w/o favor
Central Hudson Case
If commercial speech does not mislead and concerns lawful activity the gov't has limited power in regulating it.
Walter Winchell
First gossip columnist

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