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Religion Final 2


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4th Lateran Council
1215: church and Pope Innocent III assert absolute political authority over world
1216: papal office of inquiry whose purpose is to seek out and punish heretics;
caused by Albogensian Crusade
Albogensian Crusade
1208-1229: Cathars (aka Albogensians)are killed;
gives rise to Inquisition
Dominican Order
1216: Dominicans were placed in charge of Inquisition
Medieval Synthesis
Thomas Aquinas: gives philosophical and ideological ground to 4th Lateran Council and Inquisition;
faith and reason are both pathways to God and truth;
if reason and faith conflict, reason gives way and faith wins;
Plato plus Aristotle;
Eternal law takes form of natural law, which acts on the first cause and all subsequent causes leading up to the final cause
Babylonian Captivity
1309: pope packs up to Avignon in France
Great Schism
14th century: dissolves all claim to authority established at 4th Lateran Council
Council of Constance
1415: church reunifies itself under one pope, who declares his authority over all councils again;
Hus burned at stake for criticizing simony (buying and selling of indulgences)
Britishman who criticized church for keeping Bible available only in Latin;
tried to translate Bible into English
15th Century: Bohemian who criticizes simony (buying and selling of indulgences);
burned at Council of Constance in 1415

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