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Chem. Lecture 3


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In the wave model, light consists of _____.
Electromagnetic waves
Height from origin to crest
distance between crests
number of wave cycles to pass given point per unit of time
Particle model
Light consists of particles in bundles called quanta
Relationship between wavelength and frequency
Inversely related (one goes up, the other goes down)
Product of frequency and wavelength always equals ____.
Constant c (speed of light)
SI unit for frequency
hertz (Hz)
One hertz =
One cycle per second
Sometimes written as ___.
S (superscript) -1
When sunlight passes through a prism,
different wavelengths separate into spectrum of colors
_____ includes visible light as well as radio waves, UV light, X-rays, gamma rays, etc.
Electromagnetic spectrum
Of visible light, ___ light has the longest wavelength and the lowest frequency
Of visible light, ___ light has the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency

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