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old Korean hanja vocab words 11


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난민 (難民)
the destitute; [이재민] sufferers; ((flood)) victims; [피난민] refugees; displaced persons;
지위 (地位)
position; [신분] a status; a station in life; (social) standing; [직위] a position; a place
완화 (緩和)
easing; relief; relaxation; mitigation; alleviation.
획득 (獲得)
acquisition; acquirement; possession; gain; taking
North Korean refugees; exiles
상원 [上院]
the Senate
강제 [强制]
compulsion; coercion; forcing; duress
제정 [制定]
enactment; establishment; institution
적용 [適用]
application. ~하다  apply ((a rule to a case))
용이 [容易]
ease; easiness; facility; simplicity; readiness.
매몰 (埋沒)
burying; entombment; embedding
극적 [劇的]
구조 [救助]
rescue; relief; succor; deliverance; aid; help; assistance
갱도 [坑道]
a shaft; a pit; [굴] a tunnel; ((軍)) a mine; a tunnel; a subterranean passage;
괬 [管]
pipe; a tube;《解》a tract; a duct
공급 [供給]
supply; [전기∙가스∙수도의] service
무사 [無事]
safety; security; peace; tranquility
금광 [金鑛]
gold ore; a gold deposit; a gold mine
책임자 [責任者]
a responsible person; a person holding a responsible[leading] position;
갱 (抗)
pit; a shaft; a level; a head(ing); a gallery;
a rock; a crag
be confined[shut up]; be kept indoors; be locked in; be imprisoned; be behind bars
사투 [死鬪]
desperate struggle; a mortal combat
expose; lay bare[open]; bare; uncover; disclose.
문제 (問題)
a question; a problem
일파 (一派)
a school; a sect; a denomination; a party
기업 (企業)
an enterprise; an undertaking.
기업 (起業)
promotion of an enterprise; starting a business; launching of business
위폐 (僞幣)
counterfeit money
Chinese territory
도박 (賭博)
핵심 (核心)
the (hard) core; a kernel; the nub; [요점] the point.
작전 [作戰]
tactics(전술); maneuvers(기동 작전); strategy(전략); [행동] (military) operations
본부 [本部]
the head[main; front] office; the headquarters; the administrative[administration] building
사용 [使用]
use; employment; application(응용); consumption(소비); appropriation
지점 [支店]
a branch (office[store]).
지점 [地點]
a spot; a point; a place; a position
돈세탁 [K洗濯]
money laundering
혐의 [嫌疑]
raise; upraise; elevate; lift (up); send up ((a kite)); put[get] up; hold up
재무부 [財務部]
the Department of the Treasury
묵과 [默過]
overlook; look over; pass over ((a matter)) in silence; let ((it)) pass[go]; let ((a person)) go unchallenged[unpunished]
환경 [環境]
environment; surroundings; circumstance
제공 [提供]
an offer
증원 (增員)
an increase of the staff[personnel];
증원 (增援)
지원 [支援]
support; backing; aid
규모 [規模]
a rule; a pattern; a scale; (a) scope; (a) plan;structure
국경 [國境]
the frontier; the (national) boundary[border];
보안 [保安]
the preservation[maintenance] of public peace[security]
increase; add ((to)); raise(증액하다); multiply(배가하다); augment;extend; expand; enlarge; widen; ream(
배치 [配置]
arrangement; disposition; stationing; posting; placement;《軍》deployment.
already; yet; (not) any longer; by now; by this time. previously; before.
상임 [常任]
a permanent post
이사국 [理事國]
member of the council of the United Nations
파병 [派兵]
dispatch of troops
전체 [全體]
the whole (body); the whole span ((of English history)).
거부 (拒否)
denial; (a) veto ((pl. -es)); disapproval; rejection; refusal; disallowance.
발급 (發給)
issue (a visa; passport; etc)
강행 (强行)
enforcing; enforcement; forcing;
규제 (規制)
regulation; control; restriction
강화 (强化)
strengthening; intensification; tightening; buildup
기독교 [基督敎]
법무 [法務]
judicial affairs
추정 [推定]
(a) presumption; (an) assumption; (an) inference; (an) illation; (an) estimation.
조사 [調査]
an investigation; an examination; an inquiry; a checkup; a survey
fall; drop; get[have] a fall; be down; crash
증폭 [增幅]
우려 [憂慮]
anxiety; concern; fear(s); dread; apprehension
대상 [代償]
compensation; substitution
제한 [制限]
a restriction; a restraint; a limitation; a limit; circumscription; qualifications
병력 [兵力]
military force; force of arms㬁the (numerical) strength of an army; troop strength; armed forces strength.
파견 [派遣]
dispatch; detachment.
공언 [公言]
declaration; profession; avowal. ~하다 declare (openly); pronounce (officially).
폐쇄 [閉鎖]
closing; closure; shutdown
생존 (生存)
existence; being; life; subsistence; survival(살아남음)
장거리 (長距離)
a long distance; a long way
단거리 (短距離)
a short distance; a short way
활주로 (滑走路)
a runway; airstrip; landing field
이륙 (離陸)
takeoff; a hop-off; taking[flying] off; leaving the ground
연방 (連放)
successively; in succession; without interruption; without a break; repeatedly.
연방 (聯邦)
a federation; a confederation; a union; a commonwealth; a federal state
연방 교통안전위원회
National Transportation Safety Board
후송 (後送)
sending back
중상 (重傷)
serious injury; a mortal wound
thunder; thunderbolt
벌금 (罰金)
fine; a (monetary) penalty; [위약금] a forfeit; a penalty
토론 (討論)
a debate; a discussion; a talk;
제의 (提議)
proposal; a proposition; an overture; a suggestion; an offer
직접 (直接)
direct(ly); In person
사전 (事前)
before the fact; in advance; beforehand; previously; ahead of time.
검열 (檢閱)
inspection; examination; checking
조건 (條件)
an item; a stipulation
논쟁 (論爭)
a dispute; a controversy; a contention; an argument; a polemic.
국빈방문 (國賓訪問)
state visit
실무 (實務)
(practical) business[affairs]; administrative work
a working visit
요청 (要請)
a demand; requirement; request
국정 (國政)
(national) administration; government;
국정 (國情)
the conditions of a country; the state of affairs in a country

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