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Records all financial activity from billing customers to paying employees
Plans, prices, promotes, sells, and distributes the organizations goods and services
Focuses on people: Hiring, Training, Promoting, and any number of human centered activites with a organization
Human Resources
Creates finished goods and services using raw materials and personnel
Indetifies, investigates, and develops new products and services
___ manage and monitor the employees or workers, those who actually produce the goods and services.
____ managers deal with control, planning, decision making
Middle Management
___ managers are concered with long range planning
Top Management
records day-to-day transactions such as customers orders, bills, inventory levels, and production output
Transaction Processing System (TPS)
Summarizes the detailed data of the transaction processing system in standard reports from middle-level managers.
Management Information System (MIS)
Provides a flexible tool for analysis
Decision Support System (DSS)
Easy to use system that presents info in a very highly summarized form
Executive Support System (ESS)
Keeps track of the TPS: sales order processing, accounts receivable, Inventory and purchasing, accounts payable, and payroll.
General Ledger.
A team formed to address large problems
Group Decision Support System
Programs designed to work behind the scenes to handle detailed operating procedures
System Software
Data within the organization
Internal Data
Data gathered from outside the organization
External data
Distribute, communicate, and create infomration
Information workers
Distribute and communicate information
Data Workers
Create information
Knowledge workers
Designed to support data workers.
Office Automation Systems (OAS)
Programs designed to schedule, plan, and control project resources
Project Managers

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