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Concerns the collection and use of data about individuals
Relates to the responsibility of those who collect data to ensure that the data is correct.
Relates to who owns data and rights to software
Relates to the reponsibility of those who have data to control who is able to use that data
4 Primary Computer Ethics
The illegal assumption of someone's identity for the purposes of economic gain
Identity theft
The electronic profile of a person is switched to another
Mistaken Identity
Highly detailed and personalized descriptions of individuals
Electronic Profiles
You are entitled to look at your records held by the goverment agencies
Freedom of Information Act
Records everything that is done on computers for businesses
People think that they are safe online
Illusion of Anonymity
Location sof sites visited by your computer system
history file
specialized programs that are deposited on your hard disk from web sites you have visited
monitor your activity at a single site
Traditional Cookies
Monitor you activites across all sites you visit
Adware Cookies
Allow users to selecitvely filter or block the most intrusive cookies while allowing selective traditional cookies to operate
Cookie Cutter Programs
Wide range of programs that are designed to secretly recordand report an individuals activities on the internet
Illegal action in which the perpetrator uses special knowledge of computer technology.
Computer Crim
People who gain unauthorized access to a computer system for fun and challenge
People that gain unauthorized stuff for malicious purposed
Programs that migrate though networks and operation systems and most attach themselves to different programs and databases
Viruses (1994)
Are a special type of virus that does not attach itself to programs and databases.
Programs that alert users when certain kinds of viruses or worms enter their system
Virus Checkers
Programs that come into a computer system disguised as something else
Trojan Horse
Attempts to slow down or stop a computer system or network
Denial of Service (DoS)
Deceptive act or operation designed to trick individuals into spending their time and money for no return
Unauthorized copying of programs for personal gain is a form of theft
Software Privacy
Device that separates the computer from the power source of the wall outlet
Surge Protector
Devices such as fingerprint and retinal eye scanners
Biometric Scanning
A security buffer between the corporatioons private network and all external networks, inclding the internet
Protecting hardware from possible human and natural disasters
Physical Security
Protecting software and data from unauthroized tampering
Data Security
Special emergency facilities that back up computer centers
Hot Sites
Empty shells in which hardware must be installed
Cold Sites
Code messages sent over a network
Limit access to authorized persons such as passwords.
Prepare for disasters by ensureing security
Routinely copy data and store it at a remote location
Backing up
The study pof human factors related to things people use
Program to discourage waste in the microcomputer industry
Energy Star

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