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ESWS 102


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State the six areas of naval doctrine
Naval Warfare
Naval Intelligence
Naval Operations
Naval Logistics
Naval Planning
Naval Command and Control
Discuss Command and Control
Naval Command and Control, provides the basic concepts to fulfill the information needs of commanders, forces, and weapon systems
Discuss Naval Planning
Naval Planning, examines force planning and the relationship between our capabilities and operational planning in the joint and multinational environment
Discuss Naval Intelligence
Naval Intelligence, points the way for intelligence support in meeting the requirements of both regional conflicts and operations other than war
State the seven principles of Naval Logistics
Responsiveness Attainability
What was the first navy ship named after an enlisted man
Osmond Ingram (DD 255). It was launched 28 Feb 1919. Ingram was the first enlisted man killed in action in World War I
Hand salute
The hand salute is centuries old, and probably originated when men in armor raised their helmet visors so they could be identified
Saluting the Ensign
Each person in the naval service, upon coming on board a ship of the Navy, shall salute the national ensign
Dipping the Ensign
Merchant ships "salute" Navy ships by dipping their ensigns,Naval vessels dip the ensign only to answer a salute; they never salute first.
Gun salute
The gun salutes prescribed by Navy Regs are fired only by ships and stations designated by the Secretary of the Navy. A national salute of 21 guns is fired on Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, and Independence Day, and to honor the President of the United States and heads of foreign states. Salutes for naval officers are: Admiral: 17 guns Vice Admiral: 15 guns Rear Admiral: 13 guns Commodore: 11 guns
What three classes of naval vessels existed at the inception of the navy
Ships-of-the-line: The battleships These ships were the largest of all sailing warships. carried 64 to 100 guns
Frigates: next in size, usually smaller usually faster. They carried 28 to 44 guns.
Sloops-of-war: small sailing warships. carried 10 to 20 guns.
Battle of Coral Sea
First all plane carrier battle 7-8 May 1942
Voyage of the Great White Fleet
On December 16, 1907, the Great White Fleet left Hampton Roads, Virginia, for a round-the-world cruise to show the flag. The exercise demonstrated the strength of the U.S. Navy
Battle of Normandy
June 6, 1944, invasion of Normandy-the largest amphibious operation in history
3-5 June 1942: Midway was the turning point of the Pacific war, In one day Japan lost its bid for control of the Pacific
13-15 November 1942: After three days of bitter fighting, the Japanese naval forces retreated and U.S. Marines were able to secure the island of Guadalcanal,U.S.S. Juneau, sullivan brothers
Battle of Leyte Gulf
The final blow to the Japanese navy came October 23, 1944.

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