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Wheelock's Chapter 1 Study Questions


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mone me, amobo te, si erro
Advise me please if i am mistaken.
festina lente
Make haste slowly. (idiom)
laudas me; culpant me
You praise me, they blame me.
saepe peccamus
We often sin.
Quid debemus cogitare?
What must we think?
Conservate me!
Preserve me!
rumor volat
Rumours fly.
me non amat
He loves me not.
nihil me terret
Nothing frightens me.
appollo me saepe servat.
Appollo often saves me.
Salvete- quid videtis? Nihil videmus.
Hello- what do you see? I see nothing .
Saepe nihil cogitas.
You often think nothing.
Bis das, si cito das.
You give twice, if you give quickly.
Si vales, valeo.
If you are well, I am well.
What does he see?
Quid videt?
They are giving nothing.
Nihil dant.
You ought not to praise me.
Non debes me laudere.
If I err, he often warns me.
Si erro, saepe me monet.
If you love me, save me please!
Si me amos, conserva me, amobe te.

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