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Common Phrases


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생일 언제예요?
When is your birthday?
How much?
어서 오세요/어서 오십시오
Welcome (less formal/polite)...literally "in(어서) please come(오세요)"
몇월 몇일 몇시에?
What month, what day, what time?
몇 시에요?
What time is it?
몇 시에...?
At what time...?
지금 까지...
Up until now...
식 SK# 하고 식 SK#...주세요/갔다 주세요.
Ordering food. Item1 + how many and item2 + how many, please bring.
Hello/Nice to see you
안녕히 가세요
Goodbye (they are leaving)
안녕히 계세요
Goodbye (they are staying)
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Nice to meet you.
배 고파요?
Are you hungry?
배 불러요?
Are you full?
....costs how much?
___ 어디서 왔어요?
Where did ___ come from?
___ 이/가 어디에 있어요?
Where does ___ reside? (place or object ex. brisbane is in queensland, my house is in taringa, Isaac stays at UQ)
몇 층에...
at which floor...can be used with 살 or 있
어디서 왔어요?
___에서 왔어요?
___ 어디서 왔어요?
*Where did you come from?
*Did you come from (place)?
*Where in (place) did you come from?
___이/가 어디에 있어요?
___에 있어요.
*Place/landmark is where?
*Its in ____.
ex. Where is Woolworths?
Its in Indooroopilly shopping town.
몇 층에 살아요/있어요?
SK#+층에 살아요/있어요.
On what floor do you live/is __ located?
Its on/I live on #floor.
어느 나라
which country
어느 나라에서 만든__예요/이에요?
Where was __ made?
__ 얼마에 샀어요/줬어요?
How much did you buy/get __ for?
저기요, 실례지만.
Pardon me.
많이 드세요.
Enjoy your meal.
뭐 타고 와요?
What form of transport do you use to come? Can answer with 타고 or 로 but can not use 뭐 w/로.
거리가 얼마나 돼요?
What is the distance?
시간이 얼마나 걸려요?/몇 시간 걸려요?
How much time does it take?
제일 가까운 술집
nearest pub
get on
get off
좋은 것 같아요
Sounds good
___ 좀 바꿔 주세요?
May I please speak to ___?
전혀 안해요/쳐요
i've never played
한번도 안해/쳐 봤어요.
i tried playing once.

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