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Med-Surg Nursing - 23


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actinic keratosis
consists of hyperkeratotic papules and plaques occurring on sun-exposed areas
basal cell carcinoma
a locally invasive malignancy arising from epidermal basal cells
the use of subfreezing temperatures to perform surgery
removal of tissue using an instrument with a circular cutting edge attached to a handle
the removal of the epidermis and a portion of the superficial layer of the dermis with preservation of sufficient epidermal adnexa to allow for spontaneous reepithelialization of the abraded surface
dysplastic nevus syndrome
an abnormal mole pattern that places a person at increased risk of melanoma
the thickening of the skin as a result of proliferation of keratinocytes with accentuation of the normal markings of the skin
malignant melanoma
a tumor arising in cells producing melanin, usually the melanocytes of the skin
squamous cell carcinoma
a malignant neoplasm of keratinizing epidermal cells that frequently occurs on sun-exposed skin
sun protection factor (SPF)
method of measuring the effectiveness of a sunscreen in filtering and absorbing ultraviolet radiation

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