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Med-Surg Nursing - 13


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in transplantation denotes tissue, particularly stem cells from either bone marrow or blood, that are from the same species but are antigenically distinct
immunodeficient condition characterized by lack of or diminished reaction to an antigen or group of antigens
a substance that elicits an immune response
an inappropriate immune reaction to self-proteins; the immune system no longer differentiates self from nonself with respect to these substances
autosomal recessive disease
disorders that result from mutations of two gene pairs (homozygous) on a chromosome
cell-mediated immunity
immunity that is initiated through specific antigen recognition by T lymphocytes, macrophages, and natural killer cells
soluble factors secreted by white blood cells and a variety of other cells in the body that act as messengers among cells of the immune system, endocrine, and nervous systems
gene therapy
treatment of genetic disorders by replacing or repairing defective or missing genes with normal genes
the presence of one recessive and one dominant allele at a given chromosomal location
a trait produced by identical or nearly identical alleles at a given chromosomal location
human leukocyte antigens
system that consists of a series of linked genes that occur together on the sixth chromosome in humans and is used to assess tissue compatibility
humoral immunity
antibody-mediated immunity
hypersensitivity reaction
the result of an immune system that is overreactive against foreign antigens or fails to maintain self-tolerance, resulting in tissue damage
the ability of the body's immune system to identify and inactivate or destroy foreign substances
inadequate protection of the body by the immune system
immunosuppressive therapy
therapy that inhibits immune function and is prescribed for patients to treat autoimmune disorders and to prevent transplant rejection; immunosuppression is a serious side effect of cytotoxic drugs used in cancer chemotherapy
monoclonal antibodies
homogeneous populations of identical antibody molecules produced by specialized tissue cell culture lines

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