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Drugs and Society


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What are the three main types of Inhalants?
organic solvents (used in glues, gasoline, paints, etc.), volatile nitrites, and anesthetics such as nitrous oxide.
In what century were inhalants modernly abused and what were the gas'?
Modern abuse began in the late 1700's with nitrous oxide ("laughing gas"), chloroform, and ether
In the 20th century what was the base and the bases products that were abused for euphoria?
petroleum-based products as solvents, thinners, and glues
How many deaths a year are because of huffing?
1,200 deaths per year
Inhalants offer what?
cheap and quick highs
what are most abused substances?
correction fluid, glue, gas, and spray paints.
what are involved in these abundtly abused substances?
toluene and trichloroethylene.
what is the most dangerous form of huffing and why?
Ingesting or direct spraying of volatile substances is the most toxic method because of damage to membranes and high dosage.
What are carbon and hydrocarbon based compounds?
Organic solvents
What are som examples of Organic Solvents?
Include gasoline, paints, glues and related products, nail polish removers, etc
How long do the effects last for Organic solvents and what are these effects?
Effects resemble alcohol or sedative intoxication lasting up to an hour
What are the effects of chronic Organic solvent abuse?
Lack of coordination, weakness, inability to concentrate, disorientation.With high doses: dementia, spasticity, possible irreversible brain damage.
What is the most abundently used Solvent?
About how many abusers suffer nerve damage?
Up to 65% of abusers suffered nerve damage
What is found in correction fluid and paint and spot removers, causes depression effects and moderate hallucinations.
what is used commonly on Native American reservations, that has the effects of annorexia?
What are the warning signs of gasoline?
telltale chemical odors, red watery eyes, slurred speech, lack of coordination, rashes around nose and mouth.
Nitrous Oxide was discovered by whom and in what year?
Joseph Priestly in 1772
What are the common side effects of Nitrous oxide?
giddiness, stimulation, and silly laughter
What are the abusive dangers of Nitrous Oxide?
frozen lung tissue if inhaled directly from a pressurized tank and oxygen depletion of the blood which can lead to brain damage
What is Halothane?
an anesthetic gas, can induce comas
What are common anesthetics?
Halothane and Nitrous Oxide.
What are the common Volatile Nitrites?
amyl, butyl, and isobutyl nitrites
What are the effects of volatile nitrites?
Dilation of blood vessels; rush of blood to the brain and pounding of heart. Relaxation of smooth musclesAbused, especially among urban male homosexuals, for euphoric and enhanced sexual stimulation.
How many atheletes surveryed that they would take a drug to guaruntee that they would win a gold medal, but dying a year later?
Over 50%
What are theraputic drugs?
Drugs used for medical problems and usually in an approved manner
what are Analgesics
Pain killers
What is the biggest danger for theraputic drugs?
They may deaden pain without repairing damage
Muscle relaxants are used to treat what?
sprains, strains, spasms, tremors
What are the dangers for DMSO's?
They are toxic to the liver, and can cause cataract formation in the eye.
What is stacking?
taking 20- 200 times the prescribed dosage, e.g., 1,000 – 2100 mg/week instead of 75-100 mg.
What is cycling?
taking the drugs for 4-18 week period, then stopping, then restarting the cycle. Users also cycle between 3 or more different drugs
what is androgenic mean?
producing masculine characteristics
what does anabolic mean?
muscle building.
Symptoms of short term male rhoid use.
increase in muscle mass and tone, bloated appearance; long-term involves inhibition of naturally produced testosterone, impairment of sexual functioning, shrunken testicles, feminization of breasts.
Symptoms of rhoid short term female use.
muscle development followed by masculinization; increased facial hair; deepening of voice.
What are the dangers of rhoid use for men and women?
severe acne, increased chance of cancer and heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease.
what is HCG and what is it used for?
human chronic gonadotropin is used to restart the body's hormone production after "rhoid" abuse, but toxic effects have been reported
What is Periacten used for?
to increase strength and weight gain; side effects include lower performance, sweating, and sedation
what are diuretics?
to lose weight rapidly and avoid detection of illegal drugs
What is EPD?
Erythropoietin (EPD) is used as a substitute for blood doping and is very dangerous, causing thickening of the blood
what percentage of bulmics are female?
In Annorexia, how many victims are feared of their current weight?
What percentage of college females are bullimic?

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