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Antimicrobials Day 3


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Which antifungal treats a wide range of systemic mycoses but causes fever & chills, renal tox, hypotension, and arrhythmias?
Amphotericin B - binds ergosterol and punches holes in membrane
Which antifungal is for topical use only because it is too toxic to ingest? For oral thrush, yeast infection, diaper rash.
Nystatin - binds ergosterol
What do you give an AIDS patient with cryptococcal meningitis?
Fluconazole - also good for candida infections of all types
Which antifungal is used for systemic mycoses as well as hypercortisolism?
Ketoconazole - inhibits desmolase, my favorite enzyme
Which antifungal can cause gynectomastia, fever, chills, and inhibits P450?
Which antifungal inhibits DNA synthesis by competing with uracil?
Flucytosine - Candida, Cryptococcus
What do you give a patient with invasive Aspergillosis?
Caspofungin - inhibits cell wall synthesis, causes GI upset and flushing
Which antifungal is used for nail fungal infections?
Terbinafine - inhibits squalene epoxidase in ergosterol pathway
Which antifungal is good for ringworm but contraindicated in pregnancy?
Griseofulvin - inhibit microtubles, for superficial infections
Which antifungal can increase warfarin metabolism?
What are 2 clinical uses of Amantadine?
- influenza A
- Parkinson's disease
What are 2 neuraminidase inhibitors?
- Oseltamivir
- Zanamivir
* for influenza A & B
What can you give your infant patient who has RSV, and also your IVDU patient with chronic HCV?
Ribavirin is contraindicated in:
pregnancy - severe teratogen (also causes hemolytic anemia)
What do you give a patient wtih HSV, VZV, or EBV?
Acyclovir - inhibits viral DNA polymerase
Your patient has AIDS and a CMV infection. What do you give him?
Gancyclovir - inhibits CMV DNA polymerase
What are serious side effects of Gancyclovir? (4)
leukopenia, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, and renal toxicity
If Gancyclovir doesn't seem to work for your AIDS patient with CMV, what else can you try?
Foscarnet - CMV retinitis in AIDS, or acyclovir-resistant HSV (inhibits DNA polymerase)
What are side effects of protease inhibitors?
- nausea, diarrhea
- hyperglycemia
- fat abnormalities
- thrombocytopenia (indinavir)
What are some examples of reverse transcription inhibitors that work via nucleosides?
- Zidovudine (AZT)
- didanosine (ddI)
- stavudine (d4T)
- lamivudine (3TC)
- abacavir

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