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Bio Flashcard Set For Reproductive System


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lower portion of uterus, protects from infection
cowper's gland
provides pre-ejaculatory fluid to prevent the semen from coming in contact with urine
ectopic pregnency
when a fertalized egg attatches to a wall other than that of the uterus, usually in falopian tubes
when an egg and one sperm combine, the egg is fertalized
made in pituitary, induces ovulation, makes sperm cells mature
inguinal canal
tube which the testes decend into the scrotum
leydig cells
in seminiferous tubules, make testosterone and other hormones
in both M+F causes steroid production
when an egg is released from an ovary
prostate gland
surrounds the top of the urethra, makes about a third of the seminal fluid
seminal vesicle
produces 2/3 seminal fluid
seminiferous tubules
site for meiosis,makes gametes and sperm, these are immature sperm

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