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Grammar p.186-203


undefined, object
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good is an adjective
well is an adverb
well is okay to use as an adjective when your talking about health
I'm over my cold and i feel well.
im over my cold and i feel good
have is better than....
have is better than ....
you dont need how with that
just use that
its is possesive
its tail , its bark, its mother

it's cute how the puppy wags its tail
In indicates where somehing is right now
Into implies movement from one place to another
like is a prep used to compare one thing to another
WRONG: You look like you've seen a ghost
as and as if are conjunctions used before clauses ( subjet and verb)
RIGHT: You look as if you've seen a ghost.
like is used for comparisions.....

I fee that you should give me a raise in my allowence
Not conjunctions
I feel like you should give me a raise in my allowence
Loose = ring
Lose = to leave behind / can't find
Never use myself when when me or I sounds right

EXcept: i hurt myself = right
same goes for himself ,youself, and herself
Pair = singular
pairs = plural
plan on is very informal
better : plan to go
sit means to take a seat or sit down
set mans to place somethig
than links two parts of a sentence that are being compared to each other

My dog barks louder than your dog barks
then is an adverb telling what happened

karcey put away her toys, then crawled into bed and fell asleep
This implies somthing right here, close to hand

Take this notebook with u to school
don't use this when a is better

I brought a great new dress that I want to show u.
usless you are talking about a waiter or waitress.....
always use waiting for
use who for people
which for objects
if he is correct in sub. use who
if him is correct use whom

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