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a-SAT prepositional idioms


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accompanied by
a lady (a person)
accompanied with
applause (a thing)
adequate to
the demand
adequate for
her needs
angry with
my cousing (a person)
angry at
a remark (a thing)
annoyed by
the noise (a thing)
annoyed with
the child (a person)
concur with
the mayor (a person)
concur in
the decision (an idea)
differs from
his sister ( a person)
differs with
what was done ( a thing)
disappointed in
you (a person)
disappointed with
the result (a thing)
enter into
an agreement
enter upon
a career
expect from
your investment (a thing)
expect of
his assistant ( a person)
free of
his wife (a person)
free from
her nagging (a thing)
necessity for
food (a thing)
necessity of
avoiding trouble (doing something)
profit by
talk to
the group (one person talks)
talk with
my friends (all talk)

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