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Army Regulations


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What AR covers Army Command Policy and Chain of Command?
AR 600-20
What FM covers US Army History?
FM 7-21.13
What AR/FM covers Code of Conduct and SERE/Law of land and Geneva Convention?
AR 350-30
FM 27-2
FM 27-10
What FM covers Guard Duty?
FM 22-6
What AR/FM covers Physical Security?
FM 3-19.30
AR 190-13
What FM covers First Aid?
FM 4-25.11
What FM covers Field Hygiene and sanitation?
FM 21-10
What FM covers Land Navigation and Map reading?
FM 3-25.26
What FM covers rifle marksmanship, M16A1/2/3/4 and the M4 Carbine?
FM 3-22.9
What FM covers the M203 Grenade launcher?
FM 3-22.31
What FM covers Crew-served machine guns-M249, M60, M240B?
FM 3-22.68
What FMs covers grenades and the MK-19 Grenade machine gun?
FM 3-23.30
FM 3-22.27
What FM covers the M18A1 antipersonnel claymore mine?
FM 23-23
What FM covers the light antiarmor weapons?
FM 3-23.25
What FM covers army leadership?
FM 22-100

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