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Humanities-Neoclassical Art


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Neoclassical Art
-reaction against the orante baroque and rococo style
-embraced the enlightenment values of reason, logic, and the creation of a utopia
+values: order and solemnity
+emotional tone: calm and rational
+subjects: Greek and Roman History, Mythology
+Technique: emphasis on drawing, no visible brush strokes
+Role of Art: morally uplifting, inspirational, presenting perfection and conscious mind, civic duty, pride and virtue

Neoclassical Art
-"The Death of Socrates"
-Jacques Louis David
+father of neoclassical art
-Socrates charged with corrupting minds of other which is punishable by death, buty gave him the choice of exile. He drank poision to follow through on law
-There shouldn't be any Roman arches in Greek times
-There shouldn't be Renaissance perspectives
-Socratic teaching: use reason to gain knowledge
-Lack of passion in painting

Neoclassical Art
-"The Oath of the Horatii"
-Jacques-Louis David
-Sons off to defend Rome
-Swearing an oath to fight until death for Rome
-Women represent forshadow of what will happen to the boys
-Horatii in center
-Sense of civic duty

Neoclassical Art
-"The Death of Marat"
-Jacques-Louis David
+famous for French Revolution
+Spent most time in bath tub due to skin condition
+Victim of foul play, murdered by Charlotte Courde a double agent
+letter is from her
-expression of Marat is that of a martyr like Pieta
-painting has a sense of giving up life for others

Neoclassical Art
-"Grand Odalisque"
-Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
-long backbone=sensual
-"wanted his brushstrokes to be as smooth as an onion"
-photoreal detail and texture of fabrics
-face idealized (Greek)

Neoclassical Art

-"Madame Mortessier"
-Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
-She has porcelin skin showing that she is of the upper class
-She has a hint of a smile

Neoclassical Art
-"Napolean on his Imperial Throne"
-Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Neoclassical Art
-"The Death of General Wolfe"
-Benjamin West
-General Wolfe
+British Commander killed in battle who was a beloved general in service to his country and fought along with his men
-Wolfe looks towards light(sky) but on the verge of death (black sky)

Neoclassical Art
-"Colonel Guy Johnson"
-Benjamin West
-most pic are battle figures and scenes

Neoclassical Art
-"Death of Nelson"
-Benjamin West
-Admiral Ward who died on the ship and then put in a jar of alcohol until the sailors reached the shore
+soliders usually dumped over

Neoclassical Art
-"The Battle of La Hogue"
-Benjamin West
-Sea battle
-great deal of perspective
-more movement than most pics

Neoclassical Art
-"Cupid and Psyche"
-Antonio Canova
-Story about pure love lasting through difficult times
-Statue creates an x configuration and the arms creates a circle meaning infinity (symbol of 2 becoming 1/marriage)

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