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Health Concepts of Sexual Development Final


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What are the four ways that HIV/AIDS can be transmitted?
1. Semen
2. Vaginal Secretion
3. Blood
4. Breast Milk
When do you start feeling symptoms of HSV?
2 to 10 days after contact
Know the difference between type 1 and 2 HSV, and what kinds.
Type one is above the waist, and type two is below the waist.
What is the difference between Variation and Fetish?
variation- sexual behaviors engaged in a minority of individuals in any particular society but of which there is generally not widespread disapproval
minority of people aren't doing it but your still not going to go to jail for it
when feces are incorporated into sexual activity
Pick which out of four given STD examples is curable.
Know the Tuskegee study.
Testing of viruses and penicillin was available but patients were not given any
What is the biggest risk factor of cervical cancer?
What is the difference between Voyeurism and Exhibitionism?
Voyeurism: nonconsensual observation of others for the purpose of sexual arousal

Exhibitionism: exposure of genitals to a nonconsenting stranger
If a man is a rapid ejaculator and has a delay in ejaculation what is his issue?
Primary Premature Ejaculation
Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder is⬦?
Notable absence of desire to have intercourse or other activities
Desire Disorders
when one does not want to have sexual relations
Arousal Disorder
can’t get aroused; you do want to have sex but your body doesn't 'go along witht the game'
Sexual Aversion disorder
when one freaks out, for example the believe that when someone touches their hand it will lead to sex
Which STD leads to miscarriages?
painful intercourse, muscular contraction makes almost impossible for tampon, finger, insertion, etc. One can get a Dilator to help with the condition, and can come from sexual abuse.
Where CAN’T you get free HIV testing?
Doctor’s office
What is Objective Sensate Focus?
When one is aroused without touching genitals
What is Troilism?
What does HPV stand for?
Human Papilloma Virus, causes warts
Who are health consequences worse for when dealing with STD’s?
Organic causes of sexual dysfunction?
Biological, physiological, congenital, genetic, hormonal (answer is C)
What is the biggest factors of having sex later on in life?
the availability of a partner
How long does menopause take?
Menopause gradually occurs over a couple of years. Your menstruation is spaced out, irregular and then fades away.
Can you get HIV/AIDS from a mosquito bite?
Primary Impotence
When someone has never penetrated another; orally, erectile, at least once, the penis has NEVER worked.
Secondary Impotence
where it used to work, but now it doesn't for whatever reason
Treatments for Erectile Disorder
Viagra, hormones, and surgery
when one chokes out before or during an orgasm
progressive, incurable, it affects one’s blood cell count (200 t-cell count)
Can you give someone Herpes even if you are not broken out?
How do you get Herpes?
Herpes is contracted through direct skin contact (not necessarily in the genital area) with an infected person, and less frequently by indirect contact, in particular by sharing lip balm
Someone has sex without a condom, it’s a one night stand, they have been drinking, and it turns into an “oops!” What can you do?
Use the restroom; wash out with soap and water, DO NOT DOUCHE!
What is the most powerful factor contributing to STD’s?
lack of education
Know the difference between Sadomist and Masochist.
sadism is the sexual pleasure or gratification in the infliction of pain and suffering upon another person

masochism is the sexual pleasure or gratification of having pain or suffering inflicted upon the self

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