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copy deck
____ can contain any combination of letters, numbers, spaces, and any other special characters
Text Entries
____ can include only the digits 0-9 and any of the special characters
Number Entries
The ____ feature makes some basic assumptions about the text you are typing and, based on theses assumptions, automatically corrects it.
____ locates misspelled words, duplicate words, and capitalization irregularities in the active worksheet and proposes the correct spelling
Spelling Checker
____is supplied with the program
Main Dictionary
You can create a ___ to hold words you commonly use but that are not included in the main dictionary.
Custom Dictionary
___ are words with similar meaning.
___ are words with an opposite meaning
An entry that is copied leaves the original, called the ____, and inserts a duplicate at a new location called the ____
Source or Copy Area
or Paste Area
A ___ is an equation that performs a calculation on data contained in worksheet.
The resulting value from formulas is a ___ value because it can change if the data it depends on changes.
An ____ is a symbol that specifies the type of numeric operation to perform (+ , -, /, *)
A ____ is a cell or range reference in a formula whose location is interpreted by Excel in relation to the position of the cell that contains the formula.
Relative Reference
A ___ is a prewritten formula that performs certain types of calculations automatically.
An ___ is the data the function uses to perform the calculation.
When a number in the reference cell in a formula changes, Excel automatically ____ all formulas that are dependent upon the changed value.
A ___ also known as a ____, is a set of characters with a specific design
___ fonts have a flair at the base of each letter that visually leads the reader to the next level.
____ fonts do not have a flair at the base of each letter.
Sans Serif
____ is the height and width of the character, measure in Points.
One ___ equals about 1/72 inch.
___ change the appearance of numbers on screen and when printed, without changing the way the number is stored or used in calculations.
Number Formats
A ___ consists of a combination of formats that have been named and that can be quickly applied to a selection.
A ___ is a non-text element or object, such as a drawing or picture, that can be added to a document.
An ___ is an item that can be sized, moved, and manipulated.
A ___ is part of the Excel workbook.
Drawing Object
A ___ is an illustration such as a scanned photograph.
A ___ is a visual representation of data that is used to convey information in an easy-to-understand and attractive manner.
The ___, also called the category axis, is the bottom boundary line of the chart and is used to label the data being charted.
The left boundary line of the chart is the ___, also called the Value Axis
In 3-D charts there can also be an additional axis, called the ___, which allows you to compare data within a series more easily.
A ___ is a graphic object that is created using charting feature included in Excel.
Chart Object
An ___ becomes part of the sheet in which it is inserted and is saved as part of the worksheet when you save the workbook file.
Embedded Chart
A ___ is two or more objects that behave as a single object when moved or sized.
____ provide additional information about a data marker.
Data Labels
A ___ is a line or several lines of text that appear at the top of a page just above the top margin line.
An ___ is a cell or range reference in a formula whose location does not change when the formula is copied.
Absolute Reference
A cell reference can also be a ____.
Mixed Reference
Each sheet in a workbook can be assigned a descriptive ___ to help identify the contents in the sheet.
Sheet Name
The ___ feature makes entering a series of heading easier by logically repeating and extending the series.
The formula contains a ____ consisting of the name of the sheet, followed by an exclamation point and the cell or range reference.
Sheet Reference
A ____ consists of the names of the beginning and ending sheets enclosed in quotes and separated by a colon.
3-D Reference
The ____ feature helps you quickly find specific information and automatically replaces it with new information.
Find and Replace
The ___ feature allows you to divide a worksheet window into sections, making it easier to view different parts of the worksheet at the same time
Split Window

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