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In 1776 this writer published The Wealth of Nations, the first systematic explantion of capitalism
Adam Smith
The writer of The Wealth of Nations argued for a hands-off government policy toward the market, known by the French Term-___
True of False?
The writer of the Wealth of Nations approved of slavery because it was a form of free market exchange
these acts in Britain in the 18th century converted large land areas from community to private property increasing agricultural prodctivity and landowner profits
enclosure acts
Russia in its modern form began after Ivan III overthrew the domination of the people in 1480
True or False?
The overwhelming majority of Russians in this time period lived in serfdom
Peter the Great spent much of his reign fighting Sweden and this empire in order to gain warm-water ports on the Black and Baltic Seas
Ottoman Turks
Peter the Great founded this new capital city in 1704 as Russia's "window on the west"
St. Petersburg
A ruler who advaned new concepts of intellectual inquiry and legal rights at least for the nobility, but who held on to power for himself was known as a(n)
Enlightenment Despot
This female Czar of Russia ruled from 1762-1796
Catherine the Great

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