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AP U.S history questions


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Explain "NO Irish Need Apply"
in term of nativism.
The nativists were anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic. The Irish were Catholic, so they were discriminated and not so welcomed by the nativists.
What's the gag rule?
Abolitionists mounted petition campaingns to abolish slavery in Washington D.C, Southern Congressmen opposed this proposal.Afraid the petitions on slavery would dominate the debate, the Democrats passed the gag rule in the House of Representatives to ignor them at the beginning of each session.
Describe the Know-Nothings party.
It refers to the Amercian Party which was a vicious anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic group. Its members were called the Know-Nothings as when asked about their secret organization they would say" I know nothing".
What's the manifest destiny?
Why created it?
It's the political belief that America should over spread the continent. It was created by John O'Sullivan.
What's the Wilmotat Proviso? What did it advocate?
It's an amendment introduced by David Wilmot. It advocated that there should be no extension of slavery to the west.
Explain the Compromise of 1850.
It aimed to satisfy the majority of poeple on the issue of slavery.
It stated that
1 California would be admitted as a free state.
2 Slavery would remain in Washington D.C, but slave trade would be prohibited.
3 Questions regarding slavery in New Mexico and Utah would be decided later.
4 Fugitive Slave Law was enfored, runaway slaves would be captured and sent back.
Uncle Tom's Cabin depicted the struggle of what people?
It depicted the struggle of the slaves.
What's the popular sovereignty? Who formulated it?
It was formulated by Stephen Douglas. Popular sovereignty was a principle, it sated that all questions pertaining to slavery in the territories should be left to the people to decide.
What political party supported free soil?
The Republican Party supported the idea of free soil.
How did John Brown start "Bleeding Kansas"?
He started off the "Bleeding Kansas" by brutally murdering five porslavery farmers along Pottawatomie.
What did Chief Roger Taney arugue in the Dred Scott Case?
He argued that Scott was not a citizen, nor was he a free man.
How did John Brown die?
He died of gallows afer being arrested.
Which famous politician said "a house divided against itself couldnot stand"?
Abraham Lincoln
List all the candidats in the Election of 1860.
1 Abraham Lincoln (called for no extension fo slavery)
2 Stephen Douglas( advocated the popular sovereignity position)
3 James Breckinridge( called for a national slave code to make slave legal)
4John Bell( held a vague position of the union as it was )
What's Lincoln's Theory of Perpetual Union?
When did he purpose it?
It was taht the Continental Congress had predated the Constitution and no state could break the Union" contract" by itself.
Lincoln purposed it on March 4, 1861.
What's the first battle of Civil War?
The Battle of Bull Run
What were the strengths and weaknesses of each side?
Conferate government (the South) had more talented generals; had the advantages of defending their own lands, short supplies and a revolutionary cause. But the South was weak economically as most of the men were recruited to the army.
Union( mainly the North)
The North had the advantages of a centralized government;the North was stronger in economy . But the North didn't have good generals to fight in the wars.
List major general and victories for each side.
Ulysses S.Grant
William Tecumseh Sherman
Phillip Sheridan
George McClellan
Battles of Wilderness,Appomattox, Gettysburge, Vichksburg
The conferate government:
Robert E. Lee
Stonewall Jackson
Jefferson Davis
Battles of bull Run, Seven Days, and Chancellorsville.
Where did the Civil War end?
It ended at Appomattox Courthouse
What did Lincolin say in his Gettysburge Address?
He said that" all men are created equal".
Who are the Radical Republican? Why did they oppose Lincoln's 10 Percent Plan?
1 The Radical Republicans were people who were antislavery.
2 They wanted more agressive prosecution of the war.
What were the 13th,14th and 15th amendments?
The 13th Amendment prohibited slvery,the 14th Amendment made all persons born or naturalized in the United States citizens of the country and the 15th Amendment guaranteed African Americans the right to vote.
What was the Ku Klux Klan?
It was a secret organization which often resorted to whippings, lynchings and burning African American churches and school.
Describe the Freedman's Bureau.
It was an agency created to help freed men and women adjust to their new lives, and to pass a Civl Rights Act guaranteeing African Americans citizenship.
Why was Johnson impeached?What law did he violate?
He suspended the Secretary of War Edwin Stanton.
He violated the Tenure of Office Act
Who were the carpetbaggers?
The northerners who went to the South during Reconstruction to promote reform or to profit from it.
How did the Reconstruction end?
The regain of power of Southern Democrats gradually ended the Reconstruction.And in 1877,the Compromise of 1877 officially ended the Reconstruction.
How were black denied the vote?
States levied poll taxes as an obstacle to voting; They had to pass the literacy tests to be eligible to vote, and the frandfather clauses enabled the uneducated whites to vote without taking the literacy tests.
What were Jim Crow laws?
The laws that segregated whites and African Americans in public facilities and schools.
What's the impact of Plessy v. Ferguson?
The pass of Jim Crow laws.Later on,it was constitutional to seperate the races if the facilities for both were equal.

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