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Normal Values of WBC in dogs and cats
Dogs - 6.0-17.0 10mm3
Cats - 5.5-19.5 10mm3
4 Purposes of blood smears
-Classify WBC count
-differentiate the % of each of the WBC's
-evaluate platelets
-evaluate morphology
What does an acceptable blood smear look like?
Rainbow in critical area
Feathered edge
No waves
smear should not go to edge of slide
How do you make a blood smear?
1) Place drop of well-mixed EDTA blood on slide
2) Hold spreader slide at angle
3)Push spreader slide back into blood, allowing blood to spread evenly
4)Spreader slide is immediately pushed forward across the stationary slide with a smooth rapid motion
5)Pull it up and away
6) Allow slide to air dry
Sources of error when making a blood smear
-too much blood
-not enough blood
-blowing on it to dry
-debris on slide
-angle of spreader
Effect of size of blood drop on your slide
Larger - longer and thicker smear
Smaller - shorter and thinner smear
Names of stains and the order you use them
1)Methyl alchohol - fixative
2)Eosin -pink
3)Thiazine-nucleus - purple
Process of staining
Let slide dry
Dunk into alcohol 5-6 times, drip off excess
Dunk into Eosin 5-7x, drip off excess
Dunk into Thiazin 5-6x, drip off excess
Rinse off with distilled water, let dry
Which stain is needed to increase blue and red colors?
How to evaluate blood smears
10x - scan - look for HW, quality of stain
40x - WBC average
100x - differential
How do you get an average of WBC/HPF
look at 6 fields, count total and divide by 6
How do perform a differential count
Oil immersion - count each individual WBC
Record types - 100 total cells, record as average
Calculate absolulte values
% WBC type (dec. form)xtotal WBC count
Procedure for using a hemocytometer to get WBC count
EDTA mixed sample
blood mixed with 3% acetic acid (10 mins)
Charge both sides of hemacytomer
Count # of cells in grids under 10x
Add totals of both sides together, divide by 2 and multiply that by 50

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