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Advertising and Promotions test 4


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Senders of Internet media
e-commerce merchants
Receivers of Internet media
Internet communications objectives
to create awareness
to generate interest
to disseminate information
to create an image
to create a strong brand
to stimulate trial
Internet advertising has a variety of brands
push technologies- information comes to you
Personal selling on the internet
May replace personal selling
- reduces high cost of personal calls
-vastly increases potential risk
Direct Marketing and the Internet: Direct Mail
Highly targeted
relies on e-mail lists
attempts to reach those with specific needs
often used by catalogers
Infomercials on the World wide web
program content similar to television, cable or satellite
web provides for greater audience interaction
Sales promotion vehicles: Consumer oriented- pull
bonus packs
price-off deals
frequency programs
event marketing
Sales promotion vehicles: trade oriented
contests, dealer incentives
trade allowances, point of purchase displays, training programs, trade shows, cooperative advertising
reasons for increase in sales promotion
growing power of retailers
declining brand loyalty
increase promotional sensitivity
brand proliferation-development of new products with no obvious advantages
fragmentation of consumer markets
short-term focus of markets
increased accountability
Consumer Franchise Building Promotional objectives
communicate distinctive brand attributes
develop and reinforce brand identity
build long term brand preference
CFB techniques and practices
"frequency" programs encourage repreat purchases
"frequency" programs encourage patronage loyalty
may improve one-on-one communications
CFB promotions
sales promotion activites that communicate distinctive brand attributes and contribute to the development and reinforcement of brand identity
Nonfranchise building promotions
are designed to accelerate the purchase decision process and generate an immediate increase in sales
Non Fb promotions
do not identify unique brand features
do not contribute to brand identity or image
Non FB promotions may include
price off deals, bonus packs, rebates or refunds
Non FB shortcomings
trade promotions
benefits may not reach customers
If they do they may lead only to price reductions
customers may "buy price" rather than brand equity
objectives of consumer-oriented sales promotion
to increase consumption of an established brand
to defend (maintain) current customers
to target a specific segment
enhance IMC efforts and build brand equity
to obtain trail and purchase
Sampling works best when
the products are on relatively low unit value, so samples don't cost much
the products are divisible and can be broken into small sizes that can reflect the products features and benefits
The purchase cycle is relatively short so the consumer can purchase in a relatively short time period
Sampling methods
door to door
direct mail
central location distribution
in store sampling
cross-product sampling- 2 differnt products
co-op package distribution-same company, complementary products
w/ newspaper/ magazine
event sampling
Internet sites
the oldest and most widely used sales promotions
Nearly 240 billions distributed each year in US. 80% of consumers use coupons regularly
an offer of an item of merchandise or service either free or at a low cost that is an extra incentive for customers
free premiums
only require purchase of the product
self- liquidating premiums
require consumers to pay some or all of the cost of the premium
a promotion where consumers compete for prized or money ont he basis of skilles or ability. Winners are determined by judging entries or ascertaining which entry come closest to some predetermined criteria
a promotion where winners are determined purely by chance and cannot require a proof of purchase as a condition for entry. Winners are chosen by random selection from a pool of entires or generation of a number to match those held by game entrants
other popular customer sales promotion tools
bonus packs
price off deals
frequency/ loyalty programs
event marketing
public relations
a management function which evaluates public attitudes and identifies the policies and procedures for an oragnization with the public interest then executes a program of action (an communication) to earn public understanding and acceptance
PR tools
press releases
press conferences
community involvement
the internet
the generation of news about a person, product or service that appears in the media
corporate advertising
an extension of the PR function
does not promote a specific product or service
promotes the organization- image replacement, assuming a position or an issue or cause, seeks involvement
objectives of corporate advertising
create a positive image for the firm
communicate the organization's viewpoint
boost employee morale
smooth labor relations
help newly derequlated industries
establish diversified company's identity
types of corporate advertising
image advertising- general image ads, positioning ads, sponsorship, recruitment, financial support
event sponsorship
advocacy advertising
cause-related advertising
event sponsorship
corporate sponsor
sporting events
music, entertainment
cultural events
advocacy advertising
is the propagation of idead and elucidation of controversial social issues of public importance in a manner that supports the interests of the sponsor
cause related marketing
is a form of marketing whereby companies link w/ charities or nonprofit organizations as contributing sponsors
determining the role of personal selling
what info must be exchanged b/t firm and potential customer?
what are the alternative ways to carry out these communicationc objectives?
How effective is each alternative in carryinbg out the needed exchange?
when the sales force is a major part of IMC : product or service
complex good or services
major purchase decisions
personal demonstration required
when the sales force is a major part of IMC: price
final price negotiable
price provides adequate margin
when the sales force is a major part of IMC: channels
short and direct
training needed by intermediaries
selling needed to push product through
intermediaries can provide personal selling
when the sales force is a major part of IMC: advertising
media do not provide an effective link
info. can not be provided by media
sparse mkt reduce advertising economies
consumer relationship management
the organizations effort to develop a long term, cost effective link w/ individual customers for mutual benefit
personal selling advantages
two-way interaction with prospect
message can be tailored to recipient
prospect isn't likely to be distracted
seller involved in purchase decision
source of research info
personal selling disadvantages
message may be inconsistent
possible mgmt-sales force conflict
cost is often extremely high
reach may be very limited
potential ethical problems
quantitative measures of sales results
sales volume
customer accounts
sales calls
selling expenses
qualitative measures of sales results
selling skills
sales related activities
reasons to measure effectiveness
avoid costly mistakes
evaluate strategies
increase efficiency of advertising in general
determine if objectives are achieved
reasons Not to measure for effectiveness
cost of measurement
problems w/ research
disagreement about what to test
creative objections
What to test
source factors
message variables
media strategies
budget decisions
where to test
lab tests- less validity, more contrived
field tests
how to test
testing guidelines
appropriate tests- not tested on different types
when to test
Positioning advertising copy testing
1. provide measurements relevant to objectives of advertising
require agreement on how results will be used before each test
provide multiple measure (single aren't adequate)
be based on model of human response to communications
consider multiple versus single exposure to the stimulus
require alternative executions to have the same degree of finish
provide controls to avoid the biasing effects of exposure context
take into account basic considerations of sample definition
demonstrate reliability and validity
essentials of effective testing
use of consumer response model
use of pretests and postests
use of multiple meaures
understand and implement
proper research
establish communications objectives
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