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Caesar's De Bello Gallico Latin Vocabulary Quiz 3


undefined, object
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pello, pellere, pepuli, pulsus
to drive back; to rout
imperator, imperatoris, m.
commander, general
plerumque, adv.
generally, usually; often
reperio, reperire, repperi, repertus
to find, discover
defatigo, -are, -avi, -atus
to wear out, exhaust
ratio, rationis, f.
reason; plan; method; stratagem, ploy
barbarus, -a, -um
foreign; uncivilized, undisciplined
frumentum, -i, n.
grain; pl. crops
nihil, adv.
not at all
desum, deesse, defui, irreg + dat
to be lacking, fall short, fail
confero, conferre, contuli, collatus, irreg + in + acc
to put off until
collaturus fuisset
he had been about to ..., he had intended to ...
repraesento, -are, -avi, -atus
to do at once
proxima nocte
lit. on the next night
quam primum, idiom
as soon as possible
praeterea nemo
no one else
dubito, -are, -avi, -atus
to be uncertain, have doubts
praetoria cohors, praetoriae cohortis, f.
military background
indulgeo, indulgere, indulsi + dat
to favor
praecipue, adv.
confido, confidere, confisus sum
to be confident; + dat to trust, have faith in
aliqui, -ae, -a
some (or other)
apud, prep. + acc.
at the house of; among
decimus, -a, -um
enim, postpositive conj.
eo, ire, ivi or ii, iturus, irreg.
to go
fortuna, -ae, f.
intellego, -ere, intellexi, intellectus
to understand; to find out, learn
itaque, adv.
and so, therefore
male, adv.
badly, poorly
maxime, adv.
very much, especially
nemo, neminis, m.
no one
nox, noctis, noctium, f.
plus, adv.
praeterea, adv.
besides, moreover
scio, -ire, scivi, scitus
to know
solus, -a, -um
only, alone
utrum . . . an, conj.
whether . . . or
valeo, -ere, valui, valiturus
to be strong
vita, -ae, f.
postridie eius diei
on the following day
lit. on the after-day of this day
praesidium, -i, n.
(a large) enough (garrison)
alarii, -orum, m. pl.
auxiliary troops (lightly armed soldiers)
conspectus, -us, m.
sight, general view
constituo, constituere, constitui, constitutus
to set up, arrange, place
minus multitudine . . . valebat
he was weaker in the number (of) . . .
lit. he was less strong in respect to the number (of)
legionarius, -a, -um
of the legion, legionary
in comparison with, compared to
species, -ei, f.
sight; appearance
ad speciem
for appearances' sake, to give the impression of strength
acies, -ei, f.
battle line
usque ad + acc.
as far as, right up to
demum, adv.
finally, at last
necessario, adv.
perforce, by necessity
utor, uti, usus sum + abl.
to use, employ
Caesar, in person
triplex, tripicis
instruo, instruere, instruxi, instructus
to build; of troops, to draw up, form
generatim, adv.
tribe by tribe, in tribal groups as follows
intervallum, -i, n.
interval, distance (apart)
carrus, -i, m.
circumdo, circumdare, circumdedi, circumdatus
to surround, encircle
spes, -ei, f.
hope, expectation, prospect
pando, pandere, pandi, passus
to spread out, stretch out, extend
fleo, flere, flevi, fletus
to cry, weep
imploro, -are, -avi, -atus
to implore, beg
accedo, -ere, accessi, accessurus
to advance, go, come
educo, educere, eduxi, eductus
to lead or take (out)
eo, adv.
to that place, there
impono, imponere, imposui, impositus
to place on, put
manus, -us, f.
mulier, mulieris, f.
woman; wife
multitudo, multitudinis, f.
(large) number or size
ne, conj. + subjn.
so that . . . not
numerus, -i, m.
postridie, adv.
on the day after
pro, prep. + abl.
in front of
raeda, -ae, f.
coach, wagon
relinquo, -ere, reliqui, relictus
to leave behind, leave
servitus, servitutis, f.
trado, -ere, tradidi, traditus
to hand over, deliver, surrender
tum, adv.
uterque, utraque, utrumque
each (of two)
singuli, -ae, -a
single, individual
quaestor, quaestoris, m.
praeficio, praeficere, praefeci, praefectus
to put X in charge of Y (dat)
testis, testis, testium, m.
minime firmam
the least strong, the weakest
repente, adv.
spatium, -i, n.
space; opportunity
pilum, -i, n.
reicio, reicere, reieci, reiectus
to throw back; to throw aside
comminus, adv.
hand to hand, at close quarters
pugnatum est
the fighting continued = they fought
consuetudo, consuetudinis, f.
custom, habit
phalanx, phalangis, f.
celeriter ex consuetudine sua phalange facta
quickly entering into their usual formation
lit. quickly having made a phalanx according to their habit
insilio, insilire, insilui
to jump on, leap
scutum, -i, n.
revello, revellere, revelli, revulsus
to tear X (acc.) from Y (abl)
desuper, adv.
from above
premo, premere, pressi, pressus
to press hard, bear down on
P. Crassus adulescens
the young Publius Crassus
expeditus, -a, -um
lightly armed; unhampered, free
versor, versari, versatus sum + inter + acc
to be involved in; to be in
subsidium, -i, n.
reinforcement; support, help
acer, acris, acre
adulescens, adulescentis
at, conj.
celer, celeris, celere
swift, quick
committo, -ere, commisi, commissus
to entrust;
with proelium, to enter battle
complures, -es, -a
several; many
conicio, -ere, conieci, coniectus
to throw, hurl
dexter, dextra, dextrum
do, dare, dedi, datus
to give
excipio, -ere, excepi, exceptus
to receive
firmus, -a, -um
firm, strong
gladius, -i, m.
impetus, -us, m.
laboro, -are, -avi, -atus
to work; to struggle, be in trouble
procurro, -ere, procurri, procursurus
to run or rush forward
pugno, -are, -avi, -aturus
to fight
sinister, sinistra, sinistrum
vulnero, -are, -avi, -atus
to wound, inflict a wound
restituo, restituere, restitui, restitutus
to restore, revive, renew
tergum vertere
to turn one's back, to turn and flee, to flee
priusquam, conj.
before, until
desisto, desistere, destiti, destitus + inf.
to cease, stop (doing)
passus, -us, m.
step, pace
circiter, adv.
perpauci, -ae, -a
very few
viribus confisi
trusting in their strength
trano, -are, -avi
to swim across
contendo, contendere, contendi, contentus
to attempt, try
salus, salutis, f.
safety, (a means of) survival
navicula, -ae, f.
small boat
deligo, -are, -avi, -atus
to fasten, tie up
ripa, -ae, f.
bank (of a river), shore
nanciscor, nancisci, nactus sum
to chance upon, find
eques, equitis, m.
horseman; pl. cavalry
Suebus, -a, -um
of the Suebi tribe, Sueban
natio, nationis, f.
people, race
by birth
Noricus, -a, -um
of Noricum, Norican
Voccio, Voccionis, m.
Voccio (king of Noricum)
pereo, perire, perii, periturus, irreg.
to perish, die
alter, altera, alterum
the other (of two), the second
alter . . . alter
one . . . the other
consequor, -i, consecutus sum
to follow after; to overtake
duo, duae, duo
filia, -ae, f.
fugio, -ere, fugi, fugiturus
to flee, run away
frater, fratris, m.
ibi, adv.
in that place, there
invenio, -ire, inveni, inventus
to come upon, find
mille, indecl. noun and adj.
a thousand
milia, milium, n. pl.
occido, -ere, occidi, occisus
to kill
profugio, -ere, profugi
to flee, escape
rex, regis, m.
soror,sororis, f.
tergum, -i, n.
uxor, uxoris, f.
woman; wife
verto, -ere, verti, versus
to turn
vis, acc.
vim, abl.
vi, f.
force; attack
vires, virium, f. pl.

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