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Chapter 14 Vocabulary Terms


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What is a wave?
A wave is rhythmic distburance that carries energy through matter or space
What is a wave pulse?
Single bump or disburance that travles through a medium
Transverse waves
A wave that vibrates perpendicular to the direction of wave motion
Longitudinal wave
Disturbance is in the same direction, or parallel, to the direction of wave motion (ex: liquids and gases)
Surface waves
waves that have characteristics of transverse and longitudinal waves
number of complete oscillations it makes each second
Incident wave
wave that strikes the boundary
reflected wave
returning wave
principle of superposition
two or more waves can combine to form a new wave
result of superposition of two or more waves
destructive interference
superposition of waves with equal but opposite amplitudes
when the pulses meet and are in the same location, and the displacement is zero
constructive interference
wave displacements are in the same direction, result is a wave that has an amplitude larger interference of two equal pulses
two pulses pass through each other without changing their shapes or sizes, point of largest amplitude
continuous waves
a regularly repeating sequence of wave pulses
standing waves
a wave with stationary nodes and antinodes
law of reflection
angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection
change in the direction of waves at the boundary between two different media
spreading of waves around the edge of a barrier, occurs whe waves meet a small obstacle

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