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Urban Developement


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The process in which the population of cities grow.
Two dimensions of urbanization
Increase in the number of people living in cities, and an increase in the percentage of people living in the cities.
What are the social differences between urban and rural settlements?
Large size, high density, and social heterogeniety
Legal definition of a city
An urban settlement that has been legally incorporated into an independent, self-governing unit.
Urbanized area
The central city (term given to cities in the U.S. surrounded by suburbs) and surrounding built-up suburbs
Metropolitian Statistical Area
Method of measuring the functional area of a city.
1)urban area w/ pop. of at least 50,000
2) The country which the city is located
3) The percentage of people working in the central city compared to the density
Micropolitian Statistical Area
A smaller metropolitian area
Concentric Zone Model
A city grows outward from a central area in series of concentric rings.
2)Zone of transition
3)Zone of independent workers' homes
4)Zone of better residences
5)Commuter's zone
Sector Model
A city develops in a series of sectors not rings, certain areas are more attractive based on activities.
2)Transportaion and Industry
3)Low-class residential
4)Middle-class residential
5)High-class residential
Multiple Nuclei Model
A city is a complex structure that includes more than one center around which activities revolve.
2)Wholesale, light manufacturing
3)Low-class residential
4)Medium-class residential
5)High-class residential
6)Heavy manufacturing
7)Outlying business district
8)Residential suburb
9)Industrial suburb
Census tracts
Sections of urban areas used by the U.S. census bureau, caontain aproximately 5,000 people.
Squatter developments
Areas in LDC, created when the immigrants move to urban areas. They have few services, water is carried from a well, little schools paved roads, telephones, or sewers, and transportaion.

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