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Wheelock C35: dative with special verbs


undefined, object
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entrust to; trust, believe
crēdō + dative
"I believe you."
crēdō tibi.
grant pardon to; pardon, forgive
ignōscō + dative
"I forgive the men."
ignōscō virīs.
give orders to; command
imperō + dative
"I command the soldiers."
imperō mīlitibus.
do harm to; harm
noceō + dative
"I harm the enemy."
nosceō hostibus.
be married to; marry
nūbō + dative
"I am marrying that man."
nūbō illī virō.
be lenient to; spare
parcō + dative
"I spare you."
parcō vōbīs.
be obedient to; obey
pāreō + dative
"I obey the leader."
pāreō ducī.
make sweet to; perusade
persuādeō + dative
"I persuade myself."
persuādeō mihi.
be pleasing to; please
placeō + dative
"I please my father."
placeō patrī.
be a slave to; serve
serviō + dative
"I serve my country."
serviō patriae.
direct one's zeal to; study
studeō + dative
"I study literature."
studeō litterīs.

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