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Wheelock C33: examples of conditional sentences


undefined, object
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simple fact present
present indicative in both clauses
"If he is doing this, he is wise."
Sī id facit, prūdēns est.
"If he is running, he is winning."
Si currit, vincit.
"If he runs, he wins."
Si currit, vincit.
simple fact past
past tense indicative (perfect or imperf) in both clauses
"If he did this, he was wise."
Sī id fēcit, prūdēns fuit.
"If he ran, he won."
Si cucurrit, vicit.
"If he was running, he was winning."
Si currebat, vincebat.
simple fact future (future more vivid)
future indic. in both clauses (occassionally fut.perfect in either)
"If he does this, he will be wise."
Sī id faciet, prūdēns erit.
"If he will run, he will win."
Si curret, vincet.
"If he will have run, he will have won."
Si cucurrerit, vincerit.
contrary to fact (complex) present
imperfect subjunctive in both clauses
"If he were doing this (but he is not), he would be wise."
Sī id facerit, prūdēns esset.
"If he were running, he would be winning."
Si curreret, vinceret.
contrary to fact (complex) past
pluperfect subjunctive in both clauses
"If he had done this (but he did not), he would have been wise."
Sī id fēcisset, prūdēns fuisset.
"If he had run, he would have won."
Si cucurrisset, vicisset.
future less vivid (should-would)
present subjunctive in both clauses
"If he should do this, he would be wise."
Sī id faciat, prūdēns sit.
"If he were to run, he would win."
Si currat, vincat.

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