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Integrated Chinese, Level 1, Lesson 07, En-Ch


undefined, object
copy deck
to follow, to go with, heel, with, and
跟 gēn
to talk
說話 shuō huà
last week
上個星期 shàngge xīngqī
a sentence particle used after a verb to show effect, degree or possibility
å¾— de
assistance, aid, to help, to assist
幫助 bāngzhù
to revise, to review
復習 fùxí
character, word
字 zì
to write
寫 xiě
慢 màn
teach / religion, teaching
教 jiāo
(interrogative pronoun), how (can it be that)
怎麼 zěnme
at once, then, right away, only, (emphasis), to approach, to move towards, to undertake
就 jiù
learn, study, science, -ology
學 xué
pen, pencil, writing brush, to write or compose, the strokes of Chinese characters
筆 bǐ
difficult, not good / disaster, distress
難 nán
fast, quick, swift
快 kuài
you flatter me, where, wherever
哪裡 nǎli
(prefix before a number, for ordering numbers, e.g. first, number two, etc)
第 dì
to prepare a lesson
預習 yùxí
語法 yǔfǎ
easy, likely, liable (to)
容易 róngyì
many, much, a lot of, numerous, multi-
多 duō
to understand, to know
懂 dǒng
new word
生詞 shēngcí
Chinese character
漢字 hànzì
(adv) slightly
dont mention it, not at all
不謝 bú xiè
ordinary, common, usually, ordinarily
平常 píngcháng
early, morning, good morning
æ—© zÇŽo
so (much), like this
這麼 zhème
midnight, in the middle of the night
半夜 bànyè
功課 gōngkè
朋友 péngyou
real, true, genuine
真 zhēn
authority, everyone
大家 dàjiā
begin, beginning, start, initial
開始 kāishǐ
to attend class
上課 shàng kè
to read aloud
念 niàn
課文 kèwén
(sound) recording
錄音 lùyīn
男的 nán de
handsome, commander-in-chief
帥 shuài

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