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Integrated Chinese, Level 1, Lesson 06, En-Ch


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to, for, to give
給 gěi
to make a telephone call
打電話 dǎ diànhuà
telephone, phone call
電話 diànhuà
dialect, language, spoken words, speech, talk, words, conversation, what someone said
話 huà
(interjection) hello, to feed (someone or some animal), hey, telephone greeting
喂 wèi
(located) at, in, exist
在 zài
at once, then, right away, only, (emphasis), to approach, to move towards, to undertake
就 jiù
哪 nǎ / něi
position, location, (measure word for persons), place, seat
位 wèi
下午 xiàwǔ
time, period
時間 shíjiān
almost / how much, how many, several, a few
幾 jǐ
problem, issue, topic
問題 wèntí
to want, to be going to, must
要 yào
have a meeting, be at a meeting, to hold or attend a meeting
開會 kāi huì
open, operate (vehicle), start
開 kāi
上午 shàngwǔ
(measure word for class period)
篬 jié
subject, class, lesson / class, lesson
課 kè
年級 niánjí
考試 kǎoshì
to check, to verify, to test, to examine
考 kǎo
after, later, afterwards, following, later on, in the future
以後 yǐhòu
to have time
有空(兒) yǒu kòng(r)
要是 yàoshi
方便 fāngbiàn
to go to (a place)
到...去 dào...qù
辦公室 bàngōngshì
all right, capable, competent, OK, okay, to go, to do, to travel
行 xíng
no problem
沒問題 méi wèntí
class, rank, grade, equal to, same as, wait for, await, et cetera, and so on
等 děng
You are welcome
不客氣 bú kèqi
客氣 kèqi
help, give (lend) a hand, do a favor, do a good turn
幫忙 bāng máng
don't be so polite
別客氣 bié kèqì
do not, must not
別 bié
next week
下個星期 xiàge xīngqī
next (used before noun or measure word to indicate coming later in time order)
下 xià
Chinese language
中文 zhōngwén
language, culture, writing, formal, literary
文 wén
to assist, to support, to help, group, gang, party
幫 bāng
exercise, drill
練習 liànxí
to speak, to say
說 shuō
an interjection, to express doubt or to question, to show realization, to stress / (interj. for surprise) / oh (interjection) / (a modal particle showing affirmation, approval, or consent)
å•Š a
but, however
但是 dànshì
to have to, must, ought to, to need to
得 děi
know, be aware of
知道 zhīdao
return, come back
回來 huí lai

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