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Integrated Chinese, Level 1, Lesson 04, En-Ch


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週末 zhōumò
play ball
打球 dǎ qiú
beat, strike, break, mix up, build, fight, fetch, make, tie up, issue, shoot, calculate, since, from
打 dǎ
ball, sphere
琒 qiú
to look after, to take care of, to watch, to guard / it depends, think, to see, to look at
看 kàn
television, TV
電視 diànshì
electric, electricity, electrical
電 diàn
vision/to look at/to regard/to inspect/
視 shì
sing (a song)
唱歌 chàng gē
sing / to call loudly / to chant
唱 chàng
歌 gē
to dance
跳舞 tiào wǔ
jump/hop / skip (a grade) / to leap / to bounce / to beat
跳 tiào
舞 wǔ
listen, hear, obey / let, allow
聽 tīng
音樂 yīnyuè
couple, pair, to be opposite, to oppose, to face, for, to, correct (answer), to answer, to reply, to direct (towards something), right
對 duì
有時候 yǒu shíhou
time, length of time, moment, period
時候 shíhou
to read books
to read
book, letter
書 shū
movie, film
電影 diànyǐng
picture, image, reflection, shadow
影 yǐng
frequently, usually, often
常常 chángcháng
how, which / that, those / that, those
那 nà
to go, to leave, to remove
去 qù
foreign (country)
外國 wàiguó
give a dinner party, entertain guests, invite to dinner
請客 qǐng kè
昨天 zuótiān
therefore, as a result
所以 suǒyǐ
quite a while
好久 hǎojiǔ
(long) time, (long) duration of time
ä¹… jiÇ”
correct, right, not bad, pretty good
不錯 búcuò
mistake, error, blunder, fault, cross, uneven, wrong
錯 cuò
to think, to believe, to suppose, to wish, to want, to miss
想 xiǎng
to think, to feel
覺得 juéde
有意思 yǒu yìsi
idea, opinion, meaning
意思 yìsi
only / only, merely, just
只 zhǐ
to go to bed, to go to sleep
睡覺 shuì jiào
to sleep
睡 shuì
let it be, let it pass
算了 suàn le
to try to find, to look for, to call on (somebody), to find, to seek, to return, to look for
找 zhǎo
else, other
別的 biéde

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