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Integrated Chinese, Level 1, Lesson 03, En-Ch


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first month, January
一月 yīyuè
February, second month
二月 èryuè
March, third month
三月 sānyuè
April, fourth month
四月 sìyuè
May, fifth month
五月 wǔyuè
June, sixth month
六月 liùyuè
July, seventh month
七月 qīyuè
eighth month, August
八月 bāyuè
ninth month, September
九月 jiǔyuè
十月 shíyuè
eleventh month, November
十一月 shíyīyuè
December, twelfth month
十二月 shí'èryuè
moon, month
月 yuè
十二 shí'èr
day of a month, (ordinal) number
號 hào
星期 xīngqī
天 tiān
生日 shēngrì
to be born, to give birth, life, to grow
生 shēng
Japan, day, sun, date, day of the month
日 rì
this year
今年 jīnnián
年 nián
how big, how much, how old, etc.
多大 duō dà
many, much, a lot of, numerous, multi-
多 duō
big, huge, large, major, great, wide, deep, oldest, eldest / doctor
大 dà
十八 shíbā
year, years old, (a measure word)
歲 suì
to ask, to invite, please (do something), to treat (to a meal, etc), to request
請 qǐng
to eat
吒 chī
晚飯 wǎnfàn
evening, night, late
晚 wǎn
food, cuisine, cooked rice, meal
飯 fàn
to eat a meal
吒飯 chīfàn
how about, (used in the negative)(not) so good
怎麼樣 zěnmeyàng
too; extremely
太...了 tài...le
to thank
謝謝 xièxie
to like, to be fond of
喜歡 xǐhuan
or, still, nevertheless
還是 háishì
but, however
可是 kěshì
good, well
好 hǎo
we, us, ourselves
我們 wǒmen
(indicating time of day) o'clock
點鐘 diǎnzhōng
點 diǎn
clock, time as measured in hours and minutes, bell
鐘 zhōng
half, semi-, incomplete, (after a number) and a half, half
半 bàn
in the evening
晚上 wǎnshang
to see, to meet, to appear (to be something), to interview / appear
見 jiàn
good bye
再見 zàijiàn
again, once more, re-, second, another
再 zài
white, snowy, empty, blank, bright, clear, plain, pure, gratuitous
白 bái
modern, current, present, at present, now, nowadays
現在 xiànzài
quarter (hour), (a measure word), to carve, to engrave, to cut, oppressive
刻 kè
matter, thing, item, work, affair
事 shì
明天 míngtiān
忙 máng
today, at the present, now
今天 jīntiān
very, extremely
很 hěn
why, for what reason
為什麼 wèishénme
because of, for, to
為 wèi
because, owing to, on account of
因為 yīnwèi
also, in addition
還有 háiyǒu
(fellow) classmate
同學 tóngxué
be acquainted with (a person), to know, to be familiar with, to recognize
認識 rènshi

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