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Integrated Chinese, Level 1, Lesson 01, En-Ch


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sir, mister, teacher, (title of respect)
先生 xiānsheng
hello, how are you
你好 nǐ hǎo
你 nǐ
good, well / be fond of
好 hǎo
young lady, miss
小姐 xiǎojie
may I ask...
請問 qǐng wèn
to ask, to invite, please (do something), to treat (to a meal, etc), to request
請 qǐng
to ask
問 wèn
you (formal)
您 nín
what is your name?
貴姓 guì xìng
expensive, noble, your (name), precious
貴 guì
surname, family name, name
姓 xìng
I, me, myself
我 wǒ
(question particle)
å‘¢ ne
to (be) call(ed)
叫 jiào
们麼 shénme
(a persons) name
名字 míngzi
king, Wang (proper name)
王 wáng
朋友 péngyou
(a surname), plum
李 lǐ
is, are, am, yes, to be
是 shì
老師 lǎoshī
(question tag)
å—Ž ma
(negative prefix), not, no
不 bù
學生 xuésheng
also, too
也 yě
China, Chinese
中國 zhōngguó
man, person, people
人 rén
America, American, United States, USA
美國 měiguó

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